Margot Richardson can’t escape nightmarish visions of her facially deformed sister murdered by her father long ago. She desperately struggles to find meaning by returning to her abandoned childhood home.

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“The Ghost Within” is a return to an old-fashioned mystery surrounding a haunted house with a tortured soul reaching out to avenge her murder 20 years past.

Director(s) Lawrence Fowler
Screenplay By: Geoff Fowler and Lawrence Fowler
Date released (In Theatres) March 17, 2023
Genre(s) Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Duration 1 hours and 43 minutes
Content Rating No Rating
Noted Cast
Margot Richardson Michaela Longden
Evie Rebecca Phillipson
Mason Richardson Tom Millen
James Knightley Victor Mellors
Barton Bailey Simon Davies
Greta Sarah Alexandra Marks

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“The Ghost Within” Director:  Lawrence Fowler March 17, 2023


“The Ghost Within” is reminiscent of a classic old-fashioned haunted house ghost story. The pacing of this film is slow and deliberate, interlaced with some jump scares, but it is not in service of indulgent graphic kills. This is a worthy watch for classic horror film enthusiasts.

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Evie Peek-A-Boo!  “The Ghost Within” Director:  Lawrence Fowler March 17, 2023

The story focuses on a troubled young married woman, Margot Richardson (Michaela Longden), with a memory block plagued by vision/dreams of her facially deformed sister murdered 20 years past in her childhood by her self-confessed father, who was killed in prison. Her therapist feels she is regressing and warns that if she doesn’t get a handle on her mental stability, she may have to return to an asylum. In an attempt to stave off this eventuality, she feels strong enough to face her fears and returns to her abandoned childhood estate home to hopefully trigger the awakening of her repressed memories.

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Hide-and-Seek with Evie in Mask. “The Ghost Within” Director:  Lawrence Fowler March 17, 2023

The pacing of this film is slow, sometimes too much so, with a good number of scenes dedicated to Margot incredulously left alone by her husband, Mason Richardson (Tom Millen), to explore atmospheric dimly lit long ago abandoned rooms with not much in the reveal of their significance. The pacing is quickened with the introduction of a father and son duo of paranormal debunkers/investigators. Most true horror enthusiasts will be able to figure out the murder mystery before the reveal.

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Scary Evie! “The Ghost Within” Director:  Lawrence Fowler March 17, 2023

This film is not for horror enthusiasts looking for hard-core graphic scares. This is a slow burn with a fairly decent and compelling enough story. The true ghost within lies in Margot’s repressed memories locked away inside her versus the physical manifestation of her murdered sister’s ghost. Some memories should not be drudged up as there may be devastating and deadly repercussions in wait. The acting was not remarkable, but it is a worthy watch, albeit not memorable.

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Save Margot! “The Ghost Within” Director:  Lawrence Fowler March 17, 2023

Things To Note

Why Is “The Ghost Within” Unrated (British Film Release)

• Dialog: some mild profanity
• Violence: bloody attacks by a hideous ghost
• Sexual Content: There is no nudity and or sexual reference
• Miscellaneous: no drugs, drinking of wine

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Margot Richardson

Anxiety-ridden and troubled young woman suffering from memory loss plagued by disturbing visions/dreams revolving around the 20 years past murder of her adolescent facially deformed sister by her self-confessed father.

Mason Richardson

Unfaithful self-absorbed, cheating husband of Margot Richardson with plans to leave his wife for another woman with whom he works and have his wife committed to claim her inheritance.


Malicious and vengeful ghost apparition with murderous intent.

James Knightly

A young man that works with his father, Barton Bailey as a paranormal investigator as a result of having visitations by the ghostly spirit of his dead mother who wants to help Margot with proof in her assertions.

Barton Bailey

A respected debunker of claims of mysteries attributed to paranormal activities working with his son James Knightly, both of whom were once believers.


Self-absorbed young woman with designs on stealing Margot Richardson’s husband Mason for her own.

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2023 03 20 16 08 10 212
The Ghost Within (2023) – Movie Review
"The Ghost Within" is a throw back to an old fashioned haunted house ghost film. The moody setting is provided by dimly lit rooms with burning candles as the only light source. The haunting is focused on one apparition. This is a film for classic horror enthusiasts, but not for those who seek a horror movie peppered with graphic kills, jump scares, and slash/gash.
The moments where the characters interact or react to the ghostly appearance are the best served as the film has a slow pace.
Slow in pace with unremarkable performances.

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