Smilf Season 2 Episode 1 Shit Man, I've Literally Failed [Season Premiere] - Title Card

Season 2 of SMILF begins in tragedy, yet with death may come new life for Tutu and Bridgette.

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Season 2 of SMILF begins in tragedy, yet with death may come new life for Tutu and Bridgette.

Director(s) Frankie Shaw
Writer(s) Scott King
Air Date (Online) 1/3/2019
Introduced This Episode
Sheila Mindy Sterling

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Daddy Isn’t Here: Bridgette

One of Bridgette’s goals is confronting her actual father. She got a good trial run last season, but she now needs to see the man face to face. Unfortunately, we learn he isn’t in PA, nor is he back in Boston. Well, at least he isn’t in Boston above ground. We come to learn he died in November 2017.


As seen throughout the first season, there are/were multiple things in play which has kept Bridgette from doing certain things. One of them was her father molesting her, alongside other issues Tutu didn’t know about until it was too late. Yet, rather than wallow and lash out, as her mom does, Bridgette has tried to deal with her issues directly. Partly because, unlike her mom, she did get some therapy, so she has some tools to understand how to handle certain things.

Yet, with her father dead and gone, so comes the question of what may happen next? Will she, as Tutu advises, piss on his grave and move on? Maybe dig into her father’s life more to see if he did this to other kids? Perhaps check into whether she is the daughter noted in his obituary, or maybe he had another one?

Taking note a woman named Sheila notes that this horse Bridgette sees means she is running from something, and we still see the horse after Bridgette learns Richard is dead, it seems this saga isn’t over. It has merely taken an interesting turn.

Goodbye Joe: Bridgette, Tutu, Joe, Larry

Larry saying "Night-night" to Joe as Joe dies in a bowl of soup.
Larry: Night-night, Joe.

It seems just not to be Bridgette’s week. On top of learning her dad is dead, Joe commits suicide. Why? Well, he is sickly, things probably weren’t going to get better, and he probably felt he was holding Tutu back. After all, she talks about going on cruises and all this, but Joe can’t do all that because of his heart. The man can’t even get upstairs. So, rather than be a bother any longer, he overdoses on his pills.

Now, the idea was to do this alone, but with Larry being so difficult, Tutu leaves Larry with Joe after he took his pills. Thus leading to Larry encountering death for the first time. Something he doesn’t seem affected by, but still freaks Bridgette out when she discovers what happens.


As Tutu notes, there wasn’t a note left, so the above is all but assumptions. One’s likely accurate, considering the events of the first season, but can’t be said to be facts. But, I do wonder how this may change things on the show for Tutu? As Joe pushed the idea of, he kind of was a ball and chain for Tutu. So with this new freedom, what does that mean for her?

I don’t see Tutu dating again, anytime soon, because the guilt would ruin whatever could happen. Yet, her just helping Bridgette get through her dad’s death or watching Larry seems like too much of a step backwards. But, who knows, Tutu was talking about going on a cruise for the longest, and this might just be the kick in the pants she needs. She may even go with her sister and allow us to understand that dynamic a bit more.

This One Is For You Ma!: Tutu, Bridgette

Bridgette giving her speech at Joe's funeral and crediting her mother for keeping him alive.
Bridgette: You kept Joe alive all these years.

When it comes to Tutu and Bridgette, there may never truly be peace but simply an armistice deal. The kind which lapses every now and then but eventually is recertified. Take for instance Bridgette bringing up the past, like Tutu leaving Bridgette with strange men. This flares up old issues, Tutu gets all the way pissed off, brings up her watching Larry all the time and then there is sometimes fallout.

But then, usually, Bridgette, says or does something to smooth things over. Such as, during Joe’s funeral, saying that Joe stuck around as long as he could for Tutu. Thus leading to a new armistice and Tutu offering to come with Bridgette to piss on her dad’s grave since it is a family tradition.


You know what may actually be a good thing to see Tutu do this season, get therapy. Maybe even include Bridgette in a few sessions. For whether Tutu is just dealing with life as it came at her or she has a mental illness is something to ask and ponder. Also, with Joe gone, now she doesn’t have someone to take care of, besides Larry when he is around, so she has nothing to distract her from her own stuff. Which, depending on how this season goes, may mean she might go into a deep depression or may lash out at Bridgette, and anyone else who is around, more than usual.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are we going to get to know Joe’s son more or anyone who was at the funeral we have rarely seen or are completely new?
  2. Considering news about Samara Weaving leaving the show, how will it handle her character? Will she be written off or just disappear at the start of season 3? If not edited out altogether?


  1. With the death of Joe and Richard comes what could be considered a fresh start for Tutu and Bridgette. If not something, for Tutu, to push her to deal with her past and give Bridgette one less thing to keep her from pursuing a better future. Since, considering the money spent, and time, to hunt down Richard, that could be used for who knows what else.
  2. Bridgette, as usual, taking the first step to reconciling with Tutu. Partly because she came to realize she is becoming all she has, but also since her mom has had a bit of a bum deal in life. Something Bridgette, as things happen to her, seemingly is starting to understand more and more.

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