Sex Education: Season 2 Episode 8 [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Sex Education Season 2 Episode 8

Season 2 ends with quite a bit of heartbreak, but some of it is clearly necessary for folks to get something, or someone, out of their system and possibly evolve.

Season 2 ends with quite a bit of heartbreak, but some of it is clearly necessary for folks to get something, or someone, out of their system and possibly evolve.

Directed By Ben Taylor
Written By Laurie Nunn
Aired (Netflix) 1/17/2020

Episode Recap

We’re A Thing Now: Ola, Lily, Otis

With kissing and masturbating together, Ola and Lily are a thing, and before Lily’s production of “Romeo and Juliet,” she reveals this to Otis who is fine with it.

The Effort Required To Not Be An Ass: Otis, Remi, Jean, Jakob

Jean has come to the point where, similar to Maeve, she feels a bit isolated and disappointed with life and those she shares it with. Otis, for example, disappoints her for she has invested so much time and effort into him, yet she sees him slowly becoming like his father. To which he gets defensive about, but then he comes to realize, as Jean notes she gets the worst of him, that despite her feeling that way, she is still there. So, Otis visits his dad, who is currently on a book tour and confronts him about why he left him and is the father he is. Simple answer: He is an ass.

So, with that in mind, Otis makes amends with Jean and gives Jakob a proper apology.

You Got A Friend In Me: Vivian, Jackson, Ola, Adam

Adam reacting to Ola calling him her friend.
Adam: No one’s ever said I was their friend before.

Finding genuine friendship is what powers most of the characters on “Sex Education,” and those without it often are stunted. The best examples of this are Adam and Vivian. Before Jackson came into her life, Vivian seemed to have planned to put off social interaction, of any notable quality, until college. Yet, with Jackson coming into her life she found a true friend, someone who was like a brother, and they crafted a relationship that was mutually beneficial for both to become more whole.

Then, when it comes to Adam and Ola, while their relationship is fairly new, and not necessarily developed much on screen, she has come to love Adam. Not romantically, but as a friend, and upon sticking up for him, and losing her job in the process, he comes to realize her words have actions behind them and she isn’t just saying things to make him feel better. He truly has someone in his corner who doesn’t just care about him because of his big penis or due to being family, they voluntarily give a damn.

Making The Difficult Decision: Adam, Eric, Rahim

All Eric has really wanted out of Adam is for the option to be public. So after Ola gives him the confidence and joy that friendship gives, he rushes to the school and interrupts Lily’s production with a confession. One that Eric accepts and leaves Rahim feeling dismissed. Which Eric tries to apologize for but with Rahim being made into a placeholder, he decides just to let Eric be free and warn him that Adam may take his hand but questions what else can he really do?

Take A Lap: Maxine, Michael, Otis, Jean

During Lily’s production, that is far more sexual than Michael would like, he shuts things down and tries to blame Jean for all that has happened. This gets so out of hand that Otis reveals himself as the “Sex Kid,” and Maxine, to save Michael from embarrassment, pulls him aside and puts him on leave. Not just for the sake of the school but also since he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Doing What Is Required: Maeve, Erin

Erin shocked that Maeve called CPS on her.

Forgiveness and Maeve aren’t necessarily easy. She knows it is necessary, even though people consistently disappoint her, but with Erin, it is different. Her using again, after lying about losing her job, feels like the clear sign things will go from bad to worst, and with Maeve struggling to take care of herself, she wants the best for her little sister. So rather than add onto her struggle, and make Elsie struggle with her, she calls social services. An act that she confesses she did to Erin’s face and in doing so she may have lost her mom for an extended amount of time.

It’s My Turn: Isaac, Otis, Maeve

Leading to her turning to Isaac, since Otis is still recovering his place in Maeve’s life. But, on the night of her winning the finals with the Quiz Heads, Otis decides to visit, and follow up on a voice mail he left. One that Isaac decides to delete for Otis had his chance with Maeve, and now he wants to properly have his. Which, as I’m sure you can imagine, will lead to, in season 3, Otis wondering, “Did you get my voice mail?”

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Jean is pregnant
  • Anyone else surprised Jean didn’t think for a moment Otis would sabotage her to make it so his business would flourish again?

Review/ Commentary


Recognizing How Otis Was Becoming Just Like His Father

Otis’ whole thing was using his mom’s research and all she has taught him and going to the public without her being properly credited. His clinic mirrors hers, the way he talked, his approach, was originally based on how she what she would say and how she would act until he found his own rhythm. In many ways, from stealing her work to treating her like crap, Otis was following in his father’s footsteps.

So with his decision to confront his father to try to break himself away from the path he was on, you have to admire that. Some people blame one parent for everything and anything and never take hold of their story and try to steer it on a better course. Now, considering Otis was supposed to be a better son in season 1, and said he would, yet we didn’t see much of that in season 2, whether or not he will stick to being a better person or not is anyone’s guess.

Otis asking his dad how to not become like him.
Otis: How do I not become an arsehole

Adam & Vivian Realizing They Have A Friend

While the Vivian thing has been long and the making, and you have to appreciate how it has been platonic with no hints of it becoming romantic, there was just something about Adam realizing he had a friend. Now, as noted, we didn’t really get to see Ola and him bond what so ever. Maybe her talk to him, but never to the point where he seemed like more than a co-worker. However, her being willing to lose his job over him was in stark contrast to what happened at the military academy.

Think about it, rather than someone throw him under the bus and watch him walk off, she stuck her neck out on the line and when it got chopped, she wasn’t mad at him. She reassured him and let him know that he is her friend and that’s what friends do. And really thinking about it, when it comes to Adam, whether you think about Eric or even Aimee, when that was a thing, those were relationships built on lust and/or dependency. With Ola, there is no possible relationship or motive beyond enjoying Adam’s company. So when he swooped her up into a hug, it was hard not to get a little teary eyed.

Low Point

Maureen and Adam Never Bonding

But with that said, I so deeply wish Maureen and Adam had more scenes together. She is his mom, probably the only thing that kept him the least bit sane, and yet all she did was explain away her divorce and talk about Michael. There was no checking in with him, having quality time, none of that. All of which seemed like a missed opportunity.

On The Fence

Jean Pregnant!

With Otis just noting he is getting over his only child syndrome, a new child entering into the picture is certainly interesting but also makes you wonder what is the long game here? Is this to test what Otis said or, completely devoid from Otis, a setup for a larger storyline dealing with abortion, miscarriage, or having children when you are a woman of a certain age?

Eric Choosing Adam

Rahim warning Eric about Adam.
Rahim: He can hold your hand, but I’m not sure he can catch you.

Religion is an under noted thing when it comes to relationships and compatibility and I think Rahim’s dismissal really through Eric off. For as much as the grand gesture meant something, between his mom saying he hasn’t sparkled and perhaps not getting the closure he needs, hence Eric back in Adam’s arms. Thus leaving you to wonder what may happen to Rahim after all of this? Was what we thought would happen to Ola what happened to Rahim? That he was just the training wheels until the end game love interest was given the thumbs up?

Isaac Keeping Otis From Maeve

Otis getting with Maeve is bound to happen, the question is simply: When? Well, with Netflix often only doing three seasons of their series, should we expect that in season 3? Or will Maeve be the one that got away?

Maeve Turning Erin In

Let’s not pretend Maeve’s decision probably wasn’t difficult. After all, calling child protective services means case films opening up, her sister ending up in the system, and a serious mark on Erin which will make her getting the child back monstrously hard – at least by American standards. Yet, so comes the question if Maeve wishes Cynthia, or someone else, would have saved her and her brother and whether she thinks things would have turned out differently?

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