Title Card - Sex Education Season 2 Episode 1 [Season Premiere]

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A Chylmadia outbreak forces Otis to give in to the issues of the school as he faces a personal one dealing with his need to masturbate.

Directed By Ben Taylor
Written By Laurie Nunn
Aired (Netflix) 1/17/2020
Introduced This Episode
Maxine T’Nia Miller
Erin Anne-Marie Duff

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Synopsis

  1. There is a chlamydia outbreak at Moordale Secondary and it couldn’t come at a worst time for Headmaster Gruff as Maxine, the chairperson of Moordale, has come for a visit and witnesses the hysteria from the breakout, a fight, as well as Maeve forcing her way back into the school.
  2. Speaking of Maeve, her mother, Erin, appears, alongside her much younger half-sister, and seeing them pushes her to force Headmaster Gruff’s hand. However, it is really Ms. Sands whose advocacy helps her get back into school.
  3. By the way, all of this happens during Ola’s first few days at Moordale, and being that she and Otis don’t share classes, she relies on Lily to fill her in. Who, on top of saying who is in whose group reveals Otis and Maeve had a sex clinic – something that Eric tried to restart with Otis, but it didn’t go well. So, instead, after Maeve’s return being official, he restarts it with her but now with a 60/40 split since Otis made it sound like she was fired. Well, that and because she needs the money now more than ever. That is, despite someone leaving cash at her doorstep.
  4. Jumping back to Ola and Otis, they learn their parents are having sex, and are in a relationship, which makes things awkward. Though considering Otis is developing a bit of a masturbation problem, that he owns up to with Ola, there are far more awkward things to deal with.
  5. Jackson breaks his hand to get out of swimming, for he is tired of the immense pressure it puts him under.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“I have all the theory but, in practice, I know nothing.”
Otis – Sex Education 2.1

Review/ Commentary


Ola and Otis Going Strong

While I know many see Otis and Maeve as endgame, there is just something undeniably cute about Ola and Otis. Maybe it is because the whole troubled, mysterious thing is starting to get old – even if Maeve doesn’t fit into the manic pixie dream girl vibe. Heck, it could just be due to Maeve seeming like she has more than enough going on so to saddle her with a relationship to the lead, it just seems like a waste of screentime for her.

Which isn’t to say Ola is deserving of being an accessory, and surely her new friendship with Ola will see to that. However, it is very clear that Otis’ journey this season is going to be less about what he can do for others and more about learning about what he likes in terms of intimacy. So for Ola, who is a supporting character we’re just starting to learn about, her slowly being developed while walking side by side with Otis is better than Maeve having all she has going on, and then Otis’ erection to worry about.

Lily hiding behind a Tank Girl comic.

Though, with all that said, it will be sad if Ola does end up being the one who gets Otis through his awkward stage only for Maeve to get him once he has learned what he wants, is decent at sex, and has had some training.

Meeting Maeve’s Mother

Piggybacking off the last topic, one of the reasons Maeve and Otis shouldn’t be together right now (or ever) is that there is so much left for her to explore and to use to discover with her. For example, there is her mother coming back into the picture and claiming she is clean for a whole year. With that in mind, you can imagine a situation like Sean where we’ll either see Maeve’s ability to forgive be tested or possibly rewarded. That is on top of getting back into the swing of things academically and giving Aimee the friend she desperately needs. Especially since Aimee may not have much going on without Maeve.


There is just something about seeing a Black woman like Maxine hold so much power on a show like this. Maybe it is because she holds it over Principal Gruff or that she is shown as not so much a person who is such an ass that she makes him quake, but because she takes her job seriously and wants the best for the kids. Hence her wanting to hire Jean to be the sex educator for how many sex therapists with children are likely in or around that area? Never mind who have a vested interest since their child goes to the school.

Jean Creating The School’s Sexual Curriculum

Eric laughing at Otis' erection problems.
Eric: Jesus is Lord.

And with that said, can you imagine the upcoming announcement of Jean taking things over? Never mind how that may affect Otis and Maeve’s bottom line, but the comedy that will come from this. Especially since Jean isn’t much for shame. Though, taking note of that, it will be interesting to see how she changes her methods for teens who aren’t her child and need sex education.

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Ola and Otis Going Strong - 89%
Meeting Maeve’s Mother - 85%
Maxine - 88%
Jean Creating The School’s Sexual Curriculum - 90%


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