Sex Education Season 1 Episode 2 - Title Card

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As Otis begins to come into himself, it is clear some feel left behind. Also, Maeve’s reason for needing Otis to succeed becomes apparent.

Director(s) Ben Taylor
Writer(s) Laurie Nunn
Air Date 1/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Kate Olive Gray
Sam Jonny Amies
Olivia Simone Ashley
Ruby Mimi Keene

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You Have Been Nearly My Everything: Otis, Jean

While Jean has a revolving door of lovers, in which she doesn’t allow repeats, it becomes clear this episode how she is able to deal with such. You see, she gets the quality time she’d derive from an adult male relationship from Otis. Which is to say, like some single moms, the comfort of her relationship with her son has become a stand-in. But, with actual men filling in for what, obviously, Jean needs an actual man for.

Leading to the need to question: What happened with Otis’ father, assuming Otis isn’t a sperm bank baby, and how should we take Jean’s lack of desire for a relationship? At least one with an adult male which isn’t purely sexual?


Jean getting caught following Otis.

You have to wonder where has Jean found all these men and how long has she been having one after another? Based on the aerial shots, it seems safe to say they aren’t near a city. They seem to be in a rather affluent area, filled with rich people, so how is Jean meeting all these guys? Granted, it isn’t like Jean doesn’t leave the house but with one of them being her patient, could it be that she is doing something a bit unethical? That is, her having sex with clients to try to help clients? Making it so she gets off and may, as a byproduct, help them with their anxiety, impotence, or what have you?

New Chapters & Closure: Aimee, Adam, Jackson, Maeve

One thing which increasingly is becoming clear is that nearly everyone in Sex Education is yearning for acceptance. Aimee wants and needs to be popular, for reasons which haven’t been revealed yet. Adam, with the father he has, needed someone like Aimee who was kinder and not as silent as his mom is. Never mind wouldn’t compare him to his more accomplished sister. But then comes Maeve.

It isn’t clear how long Maeve and Jackson have been hooking up, but it is clear the consistency is something Maeve enjoys. In fact, for Jackson, it has come to the point he wants a real relationship with her. Something which couldn’t have better timing since Maeve is pregnant. Perhaps following many a family member who derailed their life early on. Well, at least if you listen to rumors.

Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling) smiling
Jackson (Kedar Williams-Stirling)


I am so curious about what makes these kids tick and is the reason for acting the way they do. We’re given some ideas, but the sum of a person isn’t always what seems to be the most apparent. Take Adam, for instance. His love for Aimee could be because his dad is such a hard ass and she might be the only one he feels like he can be himself around. If you remember from the premiere, she noted how he can be nice and sweet sometimes when they’re alone. So, who knows, maybe this tough guy act stems from dealing with his dad, not wanting to be bullied, among a few insecurities, when really he is a softie?

As for everyone else, it could just be about appearances. Jackson couldn’t be with Maeve since she is from a trailer park and doesn’t come from wealth. Then, with Aimee, it could very well be she is new money and with such status, she got recognized by Olivia and Ruby. Not respected, as clearly seen, but recognized enough to see her as useful. If just for parties and to feel superior.

I Might Actually Be Good At This: Otis, Anwar, Olivia, Kate, Sam, Eric, Maeve, Jean

Being that Otis doesn’t socialize much beyond talking to his mom, his daily routine of his mom’s lover coming into his room, and Eric, Maeve’s therapy idea is a challenge. How can a boy who barely has a hold on his own sexuality help others with theirs? Well, Jean, not knowing what her son is up to, helps him realize the best way to handle her vocation is by taking yourself out of it. After all, it isn’t about you but the patient.

So, this leads to Maeve setting up Olivia, a girl part of the popular clique Aimee tries to fit into, with Otis. Needless to say, Otis’ second time at bat is quite terrible. They handle it like a Catholic confession, Otis uses a bunch of jargon and analogies which don’t fit the issues of a 16 or 17 something-year-old, and it pisses Olivia off. So much that she spreads rumors about Otis and Maeve’s business and nearly tanks it.

However, at a party Aimee throws, based on Eric’s idea, they try to push the idea of samples. This fails, at first. But upon encountering Kate, who has body image issues, and talking to her, then her boyfriend, Sam, Otis begins to catch on. As that happens, Eric seemingly is starting to get his own sex therapy guide in by showing how to suck penises. Sadly though, rather than help Olivia, maybe impress Anwar, he becomes a meme. Then, to add insult to injury, it becomes clear Maeve and Otis may not have a place for Eric in their business venture.


Alright, we’ve come to the beginning of Eric and Otis splitting apart and maybe finding new things and people to invest in. Well, Otis anyway. Thus pushing the need to wonder what will be done with Eric? Anwar may never accept the boy, at least early on, so will he be given someone else to have a crush on? Will his journey maybe deal with his parents and coming out to them? That is assuming he isn’t already out?

Eric aside, there is also the need to wonder, with now every other kid asking for Otis’ help, when will this get to Adam’s father? You know that, eventually, some kid is going to feel like Olivia did, taken advantage of in some way, and will complain to the headmaster. The only thing to question is who and why? Will it be someone who falls for Otis, and he doesn’t reciprocate the feelings? Will it be because Eric got jealous and slips what Maeve and Otis are doing? Heck, considering Jean is a bit nosy, and takes her vocation seriously, would she shut down the situation for the sake of the kids?

I hate to be pessimistic but considering Maeve maybe homeless soon, and is pregnant, she needs money. So you know something is going to happen to mess up her making a nice safety net beyond doing people’s papers and maybe selling some weed from time to time.


  1. Otis’ Relationships With Everyone

Whether we are talking about Jean and Otis, him and Maeve, as well as Otis and Eric, Butterfield has this wondrous way of connecting with whichever actor he is in a scene with. Be it because his character is using second-hand knowledge from his mom or Butterfield is simply a giving actor. The kind who, without pretension, is open to you being the star of the scene and making you comfortable. Thus bringing about the dynamic that no relationship is new to the actors but simply new to us.

  1. Sam and Kate

I was honestly surprised by Otis’ breakthrough therapy session. It wasn’t a couple with major issues but simply a girl with body image issues and her boyfriend who wanted to see her. An issue which, likely, is common but, again, the way Nunn handles it is gentle, comical, and touching enough for you to swell with a bit of a tear.

On The Fence

  1. The whole mean popular kids thing is kind of meh right now but I have hopes it could get better.

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