Title Card - Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6
"Title Card," Sex Education, "Season 4/Episode 6," directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

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General Information

This section Includes information about the Director, Writer, and Cast.

Release Date (Netflix) September 21, 2023
Director(s) Alyssa McClelland
Writer(s) Annalisa D’Innella
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
God Jodie Turner-Smith
Nicky Andi Osho
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Eric Ncuti Gatwa
Adam Connor Swindells
Otis Asa Butterfield
Jackson Kedar Williams-Stirling
Beau Reda Elazouar
Viv Chinenye Ezeudu
Joanna Lisa McGrillis
Dan Daniel Ings
Jean Gillian Anderson
O Thaddea Graham
Ruby Mimi Keene
Aimee Aimee Lou Wood
Sean Edward Bluemel
Maeve Emma Mackey
Otis Asa Butterfield
Maureen Samantha Spiro
Michael Groff Alistair Petrie
Isaac George Robinson
Cal Dua Saleh

Plot Recap

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God Is Trying To Tell You Something – Eric, God, Adam, Otis

Eric learns the homeless woman he saw before is actually God, and they say a handful of things that repeat and trigger Eric throughout the day. Be it Adam, while at Erin’s funeral, and another instance. But, what really is on Eric’s mind is his relationship with Otis. He tries to engage him and have a heart-to-heart, but it seems Otis refuses to address his concerns. He’d rather play the victim because Eric has found people within his community.

So, with Otis wanting to just move on and Eric wanting to fully explore and clean the wound, they are left at an impasse, and Eric wants space to reflect.

It’s All A Bit Intense – Jackson, Beau, Viv, Joanna, Dan, Jean, O, Ruby, Nicky, Otis

Viv and Jackson, like Otis and Eric, seemingly are bound to put a pause on their friendship. Jackson, who is struggling with a potential cancer diagnosis, Viv is trying to be there for, but with Jackson getting in the way of her and Beau, combined with him talking negatively about Beau, it seems Viv is recognizing a different side to Jackson. She is happy, flourishing right now, considering she is not only in a relationship, but notice there has been no mention of her grades slipping either. Meanwhile, Jackson is freaking out, feels like he lacks support, and also isn’t as popular anymore.

The switch, she sees, has changed the balance of their relationship, and he doesn’t like how he is acting, so she walks away. Something Jean likely wishes more and more she could from Joanna, but that is her sister, and while they have issues, she is helping with the baby immensely. However, it is a bit awkward for Jean to learn her sister is dating Joy’s father. But, with Joanna seeing Dan was really in an accident, not lying to her, it is hard to say if she is willing to give up her niece’s dad.

But that’s not the only drama Jean deals with. As Jean’s permanent co-host, O thinks she can just come to Jean’s house, work on their chemistry, and even be nosy! Otis, naturally, doesn’t appreciate her in his home, but what can he do? His mom isn’t seriously trying to push back against this. Yet, despite how her son feels about O, Jean opens up to her about her depressive episode and real personal topics. Leaving you to think, like most adults on this show, she needs a friend, or good therapist, rather than having the conversations she foes with a 17-year-old.

Though we should note that O and Jean are a good duo, and as O learns how to compensate for what Jean lacks, they can help Nicky, Cal’s mother, try to win them back. However, when Ruby calls into their show, ready to expose O and make it clear, she uploaded a video of the cruel person she was, so lies the question of whether Ruby took down O a few pegs or destroyed her as she wanted.

Settling Rather Than Thriving – Sean, Maeve, Otis, Isaac

Erin’s funeral was a hot mess from beginning to end. Otis dropped her flowers and had to redo them with the help of Eric. Her body almost fell from Jackson having a moment while bringing it in. Then there is Sean refusing to give his mom a nice send-off, which was overwhelming.

Thankfully, Isaac is able to find her after the embarrassing blow-up and calm her down, and Otis? Well, he apologizes, holds himself accountable for the awkward Ruby situation, and even walks Maeve home. There is even conversation about her staying, rather than heading back to Wallace, and an attempt at having sex.

Attempt is the key word, however, as Otis remembers his mom being depressed ten years ago while Maeve is giving him a handy, and with that, he has a bit of a trauma response that means just spending the night together without finally having sex.

Other Noteworthy Information

Aimee's list of what she wants her art to say
“Aimee’s list of what she wants her art to say,” Sex Education, “Season 4/Episode 6,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)
  1. Adam learns his parents are back together
  2. Nicky, Cal’s mom, is trying to figure a way to heal their relationship
  3. After being catcalled, Aimee realizes what she wants her art to say – What makes her angry, like men telling her to smile and situations that make women scared
  4. Jackson doesn’t have cancer, by the way
  5. Adam, after Erin’s funeral, says he wants to have a closer relationship with Michael, but that was before he learned his mom and Michael are having sex again

Questions Left Unanswered

  1. What are O’s parents like? Is she adopted?

New Character Description(s)


God (Jodie Turner-Smith)
“God (Jodie Turner-Smith),” Sex Education, “Season 4/Episode 6,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

God is a woman, and she is Black. Also, she pronounces some words a bit funny.


Nicky (Andi Osho)
“Nicky (Andi Osho),” Sex Education, “Season 4/Episode 6,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

Nicky is Cal’s mother, who didn’t take well to them coming out originally, but is now trying to understand their child.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Kiri.”


Notable Performances or Moments

Maeve’s Handling Of The Funeral

Maeve (Emma Mackey)
“Maeve (Emma Mackey),” Sex Education, “Season 4/Episode 6,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

I got emotional, I got teary-eyed, and as much as I have not been easy or perhaps even fair to Maeve this season, a reminder that she is more than the girl Otis wants so badly is what won me back. For with something going on that doesn’t deal with him, and he can’t jump into, it allowed us to see Maeve as an individual once more. She is this girl who had it hard, not just because of her mom, but also her brother, and with him giving up on life, resigning himself to share his mother’s fate, she lost two people that day.

Now, she has her little sister, who is being well taken of. However, let’s not discount how Maeve is torn from the life she has in America, even if she didn’t get that internship, to the nonsense in the UK, which may have her little sister, Otis, Isaac, and Aimee, but there is a growing feeling everyone needs to move on. Isaac, as much as he gets and loves Maeve, knows she doesn’t feel the same. Aimee, again, adores Maeve, but she has her own stuff going on and is available to take on the load Maeve is struggling with, but she also has a weight on her back, slowing her down.

Then, with Otis, there is a mutual dependency there that isn’t making either thrive. Otis is a selfish and needy person, and Maeve, through her mom, is used to consoling and loving that type of person – which is the problem. Otis triggers feelings that remind her of her mom, just without the drug addiction complicating their relationship. And to me, that is all the signs needed that they aren’t meant to be together as Otis is a walking red flag, but I guess Maeve likes wearing rose-tinted glasses, so she can’t tell the difference in colors.


Ruby Finally Taking Her Fight Directly To O

Otis has long been a proxy in Ruby’s war against O, and I’m glad she has stopped using Otis, who clearly is ill-equipped to go toe to toe with O, and brought her beef with to O’s show. By posting that video, calling into the show, and exposing O, she may have gotten her vengeance and may also get everything she wants.

With showing her vulnerability, Ruby may become popular again, and O, with being shown who she was, may lose her popularity. At least, that is assuming she doesn’t spin this as she does everything masterfully, by the way.

How Some Are Outgrowing Their Friendships

With everyone pushing 18, so comes the first purge of their lives. From my experience, a few usually come, with the first phase done by the time you hit 30. It begins post-high school when people no longer see you due to sharing the same environment, but now because they make an effort to.

However, it isn’t just finishing high school that triggers a need to determine whether the friendship based on proximity or not. It is also based on the power dynamics. As shown with Eric and Otis, alongside Viv and Jackson, when one side benefits and the other side doesn’t seem to have options, things can work. Eric, one of two out gay kids, had a reason to latch onto Otis – he lacked options.

The same goes for Viv. She was nerdy and socially awkward, and because of her pursuit of academics, she wasn’t swimming in offers for friendship or even potentially something more. So while, yes, Beau can be seen as a bit much, for someone like Viv, who is the same, he is just right. Never mind, with Jackson no longer being the sports star popular kid, though not fallen from grace like Ruby,

On The Fence

Learning Who Joy’s Father Is

Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Joanna (Lisa McGrillis)
“Jean (Gillian Anderson) and Joanna (Lisa McGrillis),” Sex Education, “Season 4/Episode 6,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

Looks to the left, looks to the right, looks forward, and asks, “Wasn’t that convenient?” Also, while a part of me gets this is something we should know: who Joy’s father is, was it at all pressing? Not the least bit. Jean’s past spat with depression, and Joanna’s debt and personal issues were higher up on my priority list.

So, one can only hope this was a throwaway fact rather than something that will be increasingly featured.

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Sex Education: Season 4/ Episode 6 – Overview


“Sex Education” continues to try to balance all the kinds of drama each individual character can bring, with mixed but better results. Leading to the thought, as we enter the final episodes, this could end with the bang it deserves.

  • Maeve’s Handling Of The Funeral - 88%
  • Ruby Finally Taking Her Fight Directly To O - 82%
  • How Some Are Outgrowing Their Friendships - 84%
  • Learning Who Joy’s Father Is - 75%
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  • How Some Are Outgrowing Their Friendships
  • Ruby Finally Taking Her Fight Directly To O
  • Maeve’s Handling Of The Funeral


  • Learning Who Joy’s Father Is

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