While the kids are starting to form relationships, the parents are finding theirs fall apart. Meanwhile, outside Molly, the mutant/supernatural aspect seems to be on the backburner. Previous Recap: Episode 2 “Rewind” Network Hulu Director(s) Nina Lopez-Corrado Writer(s) Kalinda Vazquez Profits Over Principals: Dale, Stacey, Tina, Robert, Molly, Geoffrey, Catherine Dale and Stacey work together…

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Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Destiny - Art

While the kids are starting to form relationships, the parents are finding theirs fall apart. Meanwhile, outside Molly, the mutant/supernatural aspect seems to be on the backburner.

Previous Recap: Episode 2 “Rewind”

Director(s) Nina Lopez-Corrado
Writer(s) Kalinda Vazquez

Profits Over Principals: Dale, Stacey, Tina, Robert, Molly, Geoffrey, Catherine

Dale and Stacey work together at this pharmaceutical company known as “Synnergy” and it seems their reason for being part of PRIDE is because Tina provides funding for their major project. One which seeming works on wiping people’s memories and with their work published in the American Journal of Experimental Studies, it seems they are close to a big payday. One which would allow them to move into the wilderness. With their friend in the basement.

Someone who Molly knows about, and tried to get others to look into, but with her being the youngest, they disregard her. However, one person who seemingly is willing and desiring to listen to Molly is Catherine. You see, with Geoffrey finding Molly’s barrette, that her mom gave her, it raises suspicions. The kind Catherine has no problems handling with some truth serum. Something we learned was used on Frank and he never recovered from.

However, being that Catherine is about getting answers, she decides this is necessary for the sake of PRIDE. But, ultimately, despite Molly destroying a bathroom in the process, nothing comes of this. Molly brings up this lie about she was in the study because the older kids wanted to drink, makes Catherine feel guilt, includes bringing up her parents, and that quiets Catherine’s worries. In fact, she decides to open up about Molly’s parents. Two people who seemingly aren’t talked about much.

Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Destiny - Molly and Catherine

Let’s Split Up: Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase

After all that was seen the night before, the kids want answers and it is agreed they should each look into what their parents are hiding. Karolina is to look into where Destiny maybe, Chase into his father’s work, Nico into her mom’s staff, and Alex into his father’s study. Also, while dismissed at the time, later on Gert finds herself looking into Molly’s claim of a monster in their basement.

Now, being that Alex has a thing for Nico, he tries to have them pair up but he is originally denied. Leaving him to look into his folks alone. However, after narrowly dodging his dad catching him snooping, he ends up being called on by Nico. Someone who finds a way to not only get access to but use the staff. Thus causing, after opening her sister’s diary kept by Tina, a snowstorm in her mother’s office. One which she hoped Alex could help her stop.

Of which he does, accidentally, and no sooner than they clean up, Tina is back home after a disastrous date with Robert – more on that in the next topic. Now, despite there really being no true need to take it this far, as a cover for why Alex is there, Nico makes it seem they are making out and maybe in the process of going beyond that. Leading to Tina realizing that the sole reason her daughter didn’t join them wasn’t to do Tina a solid but to be alone with Alex. Which, for Alex, he takes all this as a sign. Out of all people, Nico called him. Out of all the things they could have done to cover their tracks, she chose to make it look like they were doing something. So, with that in mind, he kisses her and while she tries to push the idea all that happened in her room was an act, Alex calls BS. And with the smile we see as Alex drives away, it seems he was right.

Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Destiny - Karolina, Gert, and Chase

Next, bringing up Karolina, Chase, and Gert, there is clearly a love triangle there. One in which Gert is kind of the odd girl out of this Daphne, Fred, and Velma situation (from Scooby Doo). But there is no subtly when it comes to Gert. When Karolina approaches Chase, after Gert and him are paired up, she is kind of hostile towards Karolina. Thus leading to Karolina going on her own and essentially finding nothing.

But when it comes to Gert and Chase, a lot is discovered. There is discovering that Victor has made X-Ray goggles and that Gert is slightly perverted. I’m talking about no shame in her checking out Chase’s naked body at all. And while they do find the egg Destiny was once in, there is no means of opening it and the X-ray goggles says she isn’t there. Leading them to go to Gert’s house and accidentally letting out the monster. Which, looks like one of the scavenger dinosaurs out of Jurassic Park.

Desperate To Feel Love and Validated: Tina, Robert, Janet, Victor, Destiny, Leslie

Needless to say, Victor and Tina’s relationships are the most visibly strained out of all the couples. Leslie and Frank’s isn’t the best, but Frank is absent this episode so it’s hard to say if either really tries to bring the romance back. What is known though is Tina is trying. She pushes Robert to go on a date, tries to get freaky by taking her panties off during dinner, but after two years of icing him out, Robert seems about done. So done he has a new place ready and is just waiting for Janet to leave Victor.

Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Destiny - Leslie

However, considering Victor may have killed Destiny, and dropped her off in the ocean, her leaving him will be very dangerous. In fact, with the “sacrifice” not helping Leslie’s dad, or whoever this dried skin person is, a new ritual has to be done. So, needless to say, PRIDE once again will keep everyone trapped in less than ideal circumstances.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Gene and Alice are the names of Molly’s parents.
    • Stacey and Dale were one of the last people to see them but with burns on Tina’s hand, possibly arm as well, she also is a suspect.
  • Gert suffers from anxiety.
  • Chase plays lacrosse.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, Catherine didn’t wonder how Molly got out of the bathroom and outside? She didn’t hear her rip out a toilet or a piece of the wall? Really?
  2. How did all the parents meet? Both their significant others and the members of PRIDE?
  3. What were Gene and Alice’s role in PRIDE? Catherine is their legal person, Geoffrey gets their real estate. Leslie likely is funneling money to make it tax-free, and Frank legitimized that business so that it doesn’t just seem like a cult. Tina and Robert are the money people and then there is Stacey and Dale who fund the science they need for whatever is the ultimate plan. So where did Gene and Alice contribute?
  4. What in the world is keeping Leslie’s secret alive? How does making sacrifices in that egg keep what assumingly is her father alive?


Married Life

Runaways Season 1 Episode 3 Destiny - Robert and Tina

There is something very interesting with the way marriages are set up on Runaways. With Geoffrey and Catherine, you see this very interesting dynamic in which we may not see them lovey-dovey, but there is a clear partnership. One in which Geoffrey seeks his wife’s counsel and they co-parent well. With Dale and Stacey, they are close, enjoy being nerdy with each other, and are on the same page in a way we don’t see with any of the other couples.

But alongside them, we got the relationships which are falling apart one way or another. Frank clearly feels there is an imbalance in his relationship and it really seems like he got used for his celebrity. And while Leslie doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad person, she does share some similarities to Catherine in doing what it takes to get the job done. Then with Victor and Janet, it is honestly hard to fathom how in the world that relationship started or how it survived to this point.

Then there is Tina and Robert. With them, there are so many complicated aspects to their relationship. In a way, you can imagine them once being like Stacey and Dale, though a little bit more naughty. All you have to do is swap the enthusiasm in regards to science with business and technology. For with the way Tina talks about how things were when they were climbing the ladder, and how they used to go to hotels, you can tell this wasn’t just a marriage of for appearances or just a simple partnership

Nope, at one time there was love and passion and because of maybe work and then Amy dying, it leads to a fissure. One which, seemingly after two years of dealing with the issue, Tina would like to fix – genuinely. Yet, Robert, sometime during those two years, began his affair. And with that, it is hard to not feel bad for Tina. Especially since she doesn’t come off like Victor or the other moms. Is she necessarily the warmest? No. However, with her being a CEO, bankrolling Stacey and Dale’s work, and maybe everyone’s until they made profit, that pressure has to be accounted for.

Especially since it remains unclear what Robert brings to the table. It is assumed he has a job, but doing what?

Young Love and Crushes

Whether it is Gert getting weird when it comes to Chase or Nico and Alex being cute, I’m getting into the dynamics of the younger characters. And while I do wish we would have gotten more time for the friendships to be reestablished, I don’t necessarily feel like anyone is rushing into anything. For while it seems, post-Amy’s death, there still remains many an issue, you have to also factor these kids knew each other for more than a decade. So them coming back together after a few months of giving each other space doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

I do wonder though, back when Amy was around, was the dynamic similar to what it is now?

On The Fence

Molly Keeping The Supernatural Aspect Alive

Honestly, if it wasn’t for Molly, I’d think this was any old mystery show. With her though, we get reminded this is a Marvel show with people who have powers. But, with her powers being the only ones truly addressed, alongside seen, it makes it sort of feel like she is in a separate show right now. And while the actress has the presence required to keep you invested, even when her characters doesn’t mesh well with the currently focused on stories, she brings the question of when will other people’s powers manifest? Much less, for those who haven’t read the comics, what will they be? On top of that, what will trigger them?

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