Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind

We relive the events of episode 1 but now see what happened from the parents’ point of view. Clueing us in further to what it takes to be part of PRIDE. Previous Recap: Episode 1 “Reunion” Network Hulu Director(s) Roxann Dawson Writer(s) Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage Characters Introduced Janet Ever Carradine Leslie Annie Wersching…

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Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind

We relive the events of episode 1 but now see what happened from the parents’ point of view. Clueing us in further to what it takes to be part of PRIDE.

Previous Recap: Episode 1 “Reunion”

Director(s) Roxann Dawson
Writer(s) Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage
Characters Introduced
Janet Ever Carradine
Leslie Annie Wersching
Frank Kip Pardue
Robert James Yaegashi
Tina Brittany Ishibashi
Geoffrey Ryan Sands
Darius DeVaughn Nixon
Phil Larry Miller
Catherine Angel Parker
Victor James Marsters

Marital Problems: Tina, Robert, Janet, Victor, Leslie, Frank

Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind - Ever Carradine - Janet

For the majority of the marriages, there seems to be problems. Perhaps the biggest one is between Stein parents, Janet and Victor. In that relationship, it is established Victor is abusive. He used to beat Chase, may have done so to Janet, and he creates a consistent hostile atmosphere in the house. Also, Chase accuses his dad of perhaps controlling Leslie’s movement and who she can be friends with. Which is why she seemingly is having a low-key affair with someone within the PRIDE circle.

As for who it could be with? Well, neither Robert nor Frank seem that happy in their marriages. Robert and Tina, especially after Amy died, seemingly never recovered. Add on Nico is becoming distant and Robert is a bit more empathetic about it than Tina and that causes further issues. Alongside her using this magical staff to trap Robert, for a few moments, within Amy’s room as he repairs the trophy Nico accidentally broke.

Now, as for Frank? Well, he is dealing with different kind of marital issues. Of which, while Tina still seems sort of engaged with her husband, Leslie almost seems to have a completely separate life. Heck, with the way Frank’s now-former agent Phil talks, you would think Leslie’s family used Frank being a former teenaged heartthrob to help legitimize their religion and after he got used up, they stayed married to keep up appearances.

But with Phil dropping Frank, now he has nothing left but the Church of Gibborim so he wants a bigger role than being the face of it. Which Leslie is a bit passive about. Thus leading Frank to be a bit suspicious and snooping around where he doesn’t belong.

A Past Which Won’t Stay Buried: Geoffrey

Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind - Geoffrey - Ryan Sands

Before Geoffrey was a sports star or was in real estate, he was a gangster. One part of the Rollin’ 20s. A group his old friend Darius runs now and though they used to work together, he doesn’t appreciate Geoffrey trying to build on his turf without paying taxes. So he comes about with his group to shut things down. To call Geoffrey back to the old neighborhood and Geoffrey shows up. He shows up and threatens Darius’ grandma if he keeps messing with him. But, unbeknownst to him, when he hands his phone over to Darius’ associate, the dude is hacking his phone. Thus making it so Darius can make sure, as his “old friend” rubs elbows with millionaires, he isn’t just greasing the palms of local agencies but also those he left behind.

Taking Things To The Next Level: Destiny, Leslie, Victor, Geoffrey, Alex, Dale

Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind - Brittany Ishibashi (Tina) and Robert (James Yaegashi)

It isn’t clear whether Leslie is trying to keep alive her father, who supposedly died of testicular cancer, or has something much sinister kept alive, but her and Victor’s connection can’t be denied. After all, it seems the main reason PRIDE meets is solely to finance Victor’s machine. Something used by Leslie’s church to take people to “Ultra.” A membership level of their church.

Though, from what it seems, only those who are without family or loved ones get to experience this. Those like Destiny who spend a good 6 or so months being inundated with the love of the church. But, complications arise when it is learned Destiny has a three-year-old. Though, Leslie puts the mission before learning this child is a mother. But not all seem capable of putting the ceremony easily behind them. Geoffrey isn’t, arguably Dale as well, but majority rules.

Leading us back to talking about the kids. Alex makes a cover by making it seem the circuits blew to explain Molly’s camera flash. With that, everything seems cool. The kids are surely going to dig deeper into this, but it seems they got away Scott free. That is, until Geoffrey discovers a barrette.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Gert’s parents are scientist and Jewish.
  • Gibborim is wholly owned by Leslie and despite Frank being one of the first to legitimize it, Leslie’s father left none of it to him.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind - James Marsters - Victor

  1. Who is Janet having an affair with?
  2. You think Victor has it in him to kill Destiny to hide his failure?
  3. What exactly is that scepter thing Tina has, where did she get it, and who taught her how to use it?


Parental Drama

The parents really made a statement in the second episode and outside of Catherine and Robert, each one made a strong lasting impression or at least was made memorable. With Geoffrey and learning his background, we got this interesting dude with layers. A former gangster who seemingly not only made his way out of the hood but also married up. Then we got this very Scientology-esque religion, with this almost arranged looking marriage and all, and even Tina, with her bougie self, bring about a watchful eye.

Though perhaps who takes the cake is Leslie. Between a religious organization which seemingly preys on those like Destiny, perhaps for Victor’s experiments; this being she keeps locked away in a room, which seems like her father; and her truly fitting this idea of hiding darkness behind her smile, it makes me so interested what is the truth. Is she simply so indoctrinated by her father’s teachings that she lost her moral compass or is she more so pragmatic and cares not what means it takes to get the results she wants?

On The Fence

About Catherine and Robert

Runaways Season 1 Episode 2 Rewind - Angel Parker - Catherine
Angel Parker – Catherine

Here is the thing about Catherine and Robert. On one hand, you have to love that Marvel/ HULU didn’t go down a route in which they put Geoffrey and Tina in an interracial marriage. For while there is nothing wrong with such a thing, it has come to a point where the only thing we ever see is a person of color with a white person. Which has become such a norm that it is boring.

So for us to get the rare opportunity to see a fairly happy Black couple, and an Asian couple who seem to be dealing with losing a daughter, it feels like quite a treat. One I don’t foresee becoming a norm but let’s not forget Marvel is the brand which pushes inclusivity a bit more than other media brands. After all, Blade was Marvel’s first real hit and it starred a dark skin Black man.

But, personal joy about seeing intra-racial romance aside, I’m unsure what these two contribute at all. You could argue Robert softens Tina, but what does Catherine do? Is she a token Black woman or will she reveal herself as something more?

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