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Light as a Feather, thanks to the creepiness Haley Ramm brings, might become your new favorite Halloween fix.

Creator R. Lee Fleming, Jr., Zoe Aarsen
Director(s) Alexis Ostrander
Writer(s) R. Lee Fleming, Jr.
Air Date 10/12/2018
Genre(s) Young Adult, Horror
Good If You Like Shows Focused On Teenaged Girls

YA Novel adaptations

Girls Dealing With Everyday Issues

Someone Out For Revenge

Noted Actors
McKenna Liana Liberato
Deb Dorian Brown Pham
Olivia Peyton List
Candace Ajiona Alexus
Alex Brianne Tju
Isaac Brent Rivera
Trey Jordan Rodrigues
Violet Haley Ramm

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The Introduction

McKenna isn’t really that remarkable of a girl. She is a senior, formerly a twin, until Jenny died of a heart attack, and her mom, Deb, just might be an alcoholic. Luckily, she has her best friends to make life better. There is Olivia, who is rich and has fun parties. Also, there is Candace and Alex. She even adds a new friend in Violet, though it is kind of out of guilt. You see, Olivia and Isaac, her boyfriend, have this thing of pranking each other every Halloween. Last year he got her real good, so she set up this cannon in his locker to shoot out juice, or some kind of red liquid.

Problem is, Violet’s locker is under Isaac, he moved out the way, and Violet got hit. Leading to only McKenna trying to show any remorse and part of that being her inviting Violet to their annual graveyard pre-game. But, what they don’t realize it Violet might be a bit loopy, possibly looking for revenge, and based on this weird thing on her lower back, she might very well be possessed, demonic, or something which deserves a red flag.

Yet, they don’t see that. All they see is a new kid who has a unique twist on Light As A Feather. One which has her talk about how you are going to die, in graphic detail, before you get magically lifted. All the while seemingly, in your mind, living out the way you are going to die

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Violet's lower-back thing.

  2. What caused McKenna and Trey, her next-door neighbor, to no longer be friends?

On The Fence

It’s Likable

Violet (Haley Ramm) smiling at McKenna.

I’m not going to pretend there is anything that’s going to blow you away here. This seems like your usual YA novel adaptation featuring a bunch of girls who seem sweet, but have bad behavior. The only difference being, this is a series instead of a movie that seems like it should have cut 20 minutes.

With that said, I must admit I get Dude vibes a little bit. Primarily from Alex and Candace. They clearly got their own thing going, non-sexual, as the women of color in the group. Also, with Alex being a free-spirited queer girl, there is this weird draw there. The kind which makes it so, despite the actresses in her friend group having a higher profile, you could see this as a nice jump off point for Tju’s career as a breakout. That is, depending on how much she is allowed to do.

But the guaranteed selling point will be Ramm as Violet since, on top of her seeming psycho, we have that weird thing in her back and her possibly having some kind of ability. For I don’t think we, as viewers, were the only one experiencing someone dying. The way McKenna looked when Violet tried to pick up how she’d die made it seem the girls could experience what was going on in real time. So it should be interesting to see what will happen as the game is played over and over.

First Impression: Mixed (Stick Around)

The main cast of Light As A Feather.

With this being a half hour, yet packing so much in, it is hard to really say how this may ultimately go. On one hand, it is filled with many of the up and coming actresses of this generation who have proven themselves in other shows or in films. Yet, YA novel adaptations don’t have a huge precedent when it comes horror films. Though with the book having quite a rating on Amazon maybe this show doesn’t deserve the hesitation I’m implying you should have.

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