In the season finale, Malcolm finds happiness. Yet, it is short lived in more ways than one.

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In the season finale, Malcolm finds happiness. Yet, it is short lived in more ways than one.

Director(s) Solvan “Slick” Naim
Writer(s) David Ebert, Solvan “Slick” Naim
Air Date 5/17/2019
Introduced This Episode
Baby Mike Dopud
Cuban Tone Anthony Valderama

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It Was A Happy Time: Rosa, Malcolm, Lulu

With money running low, and Cuban Tone still blocking Malcolm from going inside with Bruno, he get a surprising aide in Rosa. She is the Trinidadian cashier who we’ve met before, but seemingly wasn’t going to play a role in Malcolm’s life. However, on top of helping Malcolm make Bruno a service dog, so he can get in the supermarket, she also checks Lulu. Oh, and she becomes Malcolm’s girlfriend and makes him so happy.

But Then It Ended: Rosa, Malcolm, Lulu, Cuban Tone

However, no sooner than they end up living together, Lulu calls ICE and we learn Rosa is undocumented. Leading her to hightail it but not before leaving Malcolm a goodbye note, releasing all of Lulu’s captives, and getting Bruno his service dog certificate. Making it so Cuban Tone has no choice but to let Bruno into the store.

And Things Potentially Got Worse: Baby

But just as Malcolm is given some silver lining, it seems Bruno’s former owner gets out of jail and Baby is going to get his dog back.


Rosa and Malcolm Were Cute

While it did seem, at first, Rosa moving in might have been about the rent, with time it seemed like it was love pushing Malcolm and her together. After all, she took down Lulu, called out Malcolm’s name during sex, and has been the nicest person in his life. I mean, she even helped Bruno get into the supermarket! Making her exit sad in so many ways.

The Release of Baby

Between this, BONDiNG, and Super Drags, I really don’t know if these weird short shows have much of a chance for a second season. Yeah, they get a trailer put on YouTube but like so much of Netflix’s programming, it is left to fail or succeed on its own. Which, with the most famous name being Darnell Rawlings, who is mostly known for his work on Chappelle Show, which ended over ten years ago, there is a fear this might be the first and last season.

Yet, if it isn’t, the release of Baby should make things interesting. For he only lost his dog due to going to jail and whoever was supposed to take care of Bruno not doing so. Leading you to wonder, between physical or legal means, maybe even Lulu, can Malcolm fend off yet another threat to Bruno being his dog?

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The Release of Baby - 80%
Rosa and Malcolm Were Cute - 85%


It’s Bruno! Has the kind of season finale which delivers a handful of the things you want, but doesn’t necessarily give you what the show needs. Yet, with a setup for a second season, there is always next year.

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  1. Would you know the orchestral piece played during the supermarket dance scene in S8?? Its lovely. Can’t seem to find it anywhere ….

    Such a fabulous show, and ending.

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