“Insecure” returns, and it seems like the beginning of the end for Molly and Issa’s friendship.

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“Insecure” returns, and it seems like the beginning of the end for Molly and Issa’s friendship.

Directed By Kevin Bray
Written By Issa Rae
Aired (HBO) 4/13/2020
Introduced This Episode
Sheryl Paula Jai Parker
Calvin Reggie Conquest

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

So, We’re Dating Other People? – Molly, Andrew

As seen in the past, Molly gets very insecure when it comes to dating since most of the guys we’ve met have played her. If not, in the case of Jered, presented a red flag she couldn’t move past. So when it comes to Andrew, she recognizes it is a good thing and tries to be chill.

However, then he reveals he is dating other people, and that throws Molly out of whack. In fact, she is thinking of dropping him just because her feelings are starting to get invested, and she isn’t really trying to compete with whoever else he has something with.

Can I Run Up On Your Ex Like You Did Mine? – Calvin, Issa, Condola, Lawrence, Tiffany

Condola telling Lawrence that she is friends with Issa.
“I think that I might be friends with your ex.”

Up to this point, Issa didn’t know Condola was dating Lawrence, and Condola didn’t know Lawrence was Issa’s ex – hence why they got along. However, with a mixer to get sponsors for the block party coming up, Lawrence’s name is revealed as Tiffany tries to claim why everyone is coming together. But Condola and Lawrence coming together (pun partly intended), creates some awkwardness.

Now, for Issa, she is trying to figure if she can be friends with someone dating her ex? But, considering Condola has invested in her so much and seems like the homie, she is willing to work through the awkwardness. As for Condola? She speaks to Lawrence, and he seems cool, a little weirded out, but cool, so it seems Condola is willing to continue.

You Know What This Is? Growth. – Issa, Condola, Lawrence, Molly, Andrew, Sheryl

Sheryl (Paula Jai Parker) introducing herself.
Sheryl (Paula Jai Parker)

Despite dealing with an adjustment period, that leads to them getting off the same page, Issa and Condola are able to attract 30 sponsors for the block party. This even includes Sheryl, a major Black-owned liquor distributor who, for a good bit, was a little unsure about Issa, even though Condola vouched for her.

However, while things go well for the block party, when it comes to Molly, there are more red flags. For if it isn’t her Andrew worries, it is her shading Issa. One time on the way over, noting Issa’s party will be “Homegrown, but she’s trying” and then saying Issa likes a messy life.

Now, why would she say that? Well, because she is willing to be friends with Lawrence’s new girlfriend. But, in the grand scheme of things, LA might be a big city, but it seems the circle that folks like Issa and Condola frequent are small. Never mind the pool of Black men, who date Black women, and seem to have something going for them.

But really, of all people, who is really going to take from Molly a critique of enjoying a messy life? Wasn’t she just messing around with a married man a season or two ago?


Issa & Condola Keeping Their Friendship Despite Lawrence

“Insecure” deals not just with that emotion, but the awkwardness of any given situation. Yet, one thing you have to applaud the show for consistently doing is working through both emotions. Issa has, consistently, pressed on. This isn’t to sweep under the rug how stagnant her career has been, but there is no denying most of her growth has come from embracing the awkwardness and knowing you eventually have to face it head-on.

So when it comes to her relationship with Condola, you have to love she was able to joke about it and recognize, big picture-wise, Condola is not only an asset but a friend. Much less, unlike Tiffany and the rest, they share a vision and a goal. Making Lawrence a mute point since, while some feelings may linger, as Condola notes, it was a 5-year relationship. You don’t forget a relationship of that length easily.

Issa Trying Something New

Calvin (Paul Mabon) talking to Issa about the side effects of dealing with a big guy.
Calvin (Paul Mabon)

With that said, is it wrong for me to be glad Issa is messing with someone like Calvin? I get men have long created this fantasy in comedy that average looks can be compensated with top-notch comedy, and so women should be given the same opportunity when they run a show. But, seeing dudes like Calvin, who may not look like your usual leading men, but they doing something, it’s a nice change of pace. Similar to Lil Rel being Molly’s boo-thang for a short bit in the previous season.

Now, whether Calvin may evolve beyond someone consistently to hook up with? That’s hard to say. He did do (weak) security at the party for free though, so he is making an effort. And really, isn’t that all Issa wanted from a man? For him to not only show up and be there but make an effort?

On The Fence

Molly Talking About Someone Liking A Messy Life

I need Molly to get it together and head back to therapy. She clearly isn’t handling Issa’s rise that well, and I’d even say she might be jealous. Granted, on the surface, she might not admit it, since Issa dating a dude with some meat and the journey to the block party may come off a bit rough. However, at least Issa is pursuing something which fulfills her and is dealing with a dude who seems pretty cool.

Molly, on the other hand? When has she ever been happy at work? Heck, we’re working on the character guide for this show, and just taking note how much Rasheeda, from season 1, someone brand new, made Molly feel insecure should tell you a lot. Making it ultimately seem, while Issa is continuing on playing the awkward Black girl, it is Molly who truly fits the title of the show.

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