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Little (2019) - Title Card

Little (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

While reimagining classic films usually deserve a side-eye, Little brings something completely new and leaves you feeling like it is long overdue.
Title card for HBO's Insecure.

Insecure: Season 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

In season 3, Issa finally has real stable growth as Molly continues to seem stagnant. But, when it comes to their friend group, they’re dealing with growing pains of a different kind. Network HBO Creator Issa Rae Noted Cast Molly Yvonne...
Issa relaxing at home.

Insecure: Season 3/ Episode 8 “Ghost-Like” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Insecure season 3 doesn’t end with a bang but, like past seasons, Issa finds herself distancing more from the show’s name and into a good place. Network HBO Director(s) Regina King Writer(s) Issa Rae, Natasha Rothwell Air Date 9/30/2018 Characters Introduced Condola Christina Elmore Andy Harry Lennix Images...
Molly saying she has evolved and will do better in life. Especially considering what she knows and has experienced.

Insecure: Season 3/ Episode 1 “Better-Like” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

With every season, Issa and Molly try to change for the better – but it is a struggle. However, with a focus on setting boundaries, they make steps forward. Network HBO Director(s) Prentice Penny Writer(s) Issa Rae Air Date 8/13/2018 Actors Introduced Nathan Kendrick Sampson We...

Insecure: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Insecure as Fuck" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with...

Overview Whether you were an Awkward Black Girl fan or the marketing for this show got your interest peaked, welcome the next series which shows TV is way ahead of the game when it comes...