Helluva Boss: Season 1, Episode 0 “Pilot” [Series Premiere] – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

Medrano solidifies her brand as a dark comedy animator with Helluva Boss, a workplace comedy.

Created By Vivienne Medrano
Directed By Vivienne Medrano
Written By Brandon Rogers, Vivienne Medrano
Air Date (YouTube) 11/25/2019
Genre(s) Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Introduced This Episode
Blitz Brandon Rogers
Moxxie Richard Horvitz
Millie Erica Lindbeck
Loona Erica Lindbeck
Stolas Brock Baker
Eddie Richard Horvitz

Plot Overview

Blitz is the owner of a company named IMP – Immediate Murder Professionals, and things are starting to seem a tad bit dire. For while Moxxie, and his wife Millie are good at their jobs, things aren’t clicking, and Blitz’s marketing plan isn’t helping things. Well, neither is his love for Loona, someone who is a terrible receptionist, but the company has one thing going for it: Stolas.

Who is Stolas? Well, let’s just say he is the upper-crust of demons in hell, and Blitz sleeping with them and getting a book to cross over into the living world is the only reason he has a business. But without new clients seeking revenge, beyond kids like Eddie, what will come of IMP?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Are things expensive in hell?



Is It Strange To Say I Ship Two Demons?

I just want to know as much as possible about Moxxie and Millie. Were they in love before hell? Did they have a Bonnie & Clyde thing going? What’s their story? Also, is there more to their relationship than meets the eye? Heaven knows, with Medrano’s sense of humor, the possibility of them being cousins, or even siblings, seems on the table. Leaving me with conflicting feelings on how I feel about these two.

While Work Place Comedies Can Be Boring, Helluva Boss Does Not Fit That Description

Workplace comedies usually aren’t funny to me. Maybe it is due to them combining that one outcast from all of your past jobs onto one show? Perhaps it is this vibe that, with trying to be understated in delivery, maybe they won’t seem like they are trying too hard? The jury is still out.

However, what Helluva Boss does differently is not make the company too big, and with the demon element involved, you aren’t given this vibe that we’re supposed to see these people as human. Weird, flawed, sometimes confusing, humans. They are simply demons making a living with no need to worry about seeming or doing bad things, for they are already in hell! Thus allowing us to get to know them without having confessional interviews.

Stolas, And The People Blitz Works With To Keep IMP Going

Let’s just say, Stolas talking about what they like to do sexually, even with the bleeps, will make you look like a deer in the headlights. Add in that IMP will crossover and kill kids, it creates a lot of opportunity for IMP in terms of the f***ed up things they can get into. Or what may get into, or sucked out of, Blitz. Though, considering this is on YouTube, you know things can only go so far.



Met Expectations

After Hazbin Hotel, oh yeah. Granted, this seems a bit smaller, more intimate, but that’s the good thing about Helluva Boss and what makes it different. Hazbin Hotel seems about hell, and its populace and Helluva Boss is a microcosm of the world introduced so that you can actually get to know the people who live in hell that aren’t privileged.

Continue To Watch?

While you know it will likely be weeks, if not months, before the next episode, absolutely.

First Impression: Optimistic

Like Hazbin Hotel, the only issue here is the question of whether the innuendo and violence can get old. Which, due to it likely being weeks or months between episodes, seems unlikely. So, as of now, it seems like this will be another feather in Medrano’s cap.

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Is It Strange To Say I Ship Two Demons? - 86%
While Work Place Comedies Can Be Boring, Helluva Boss Does Not Fit That Description - 85%
Stolas, And The People Blitz Works With To Keep IMP Going - 87%
Met Expectations - 89%
Continue To Watch? - 88%


First Impression: Optimistic

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