Could Red Table Talk Open Will Smith To Cancel Culture?

Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk has led to Will Smith, seldom, being shown beyond perfection. Could this cause future issues for the star?

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Title card for the Facebook series, Red Table Talk.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has built an open and honest platform with Red Table Talk that has led to Will Smith, seldom, being shown beyond perfection. Could this cause future issues for the star?

Understanding The Shift of Red Table Talk

Perhaps one of the biggest things which bring a comfort to those who come onto Red Table Talk is that they know Jada is as willing to be vulnerable as much as the guest. With this, they know it isn’t going to be like Oprah, Barbara Walters, Gayle King, and others, who will solely dig into your past, with a bit of judgement, but never bring themselves into the conversation. However, with presenting your struggle to relate, even comfort, your guest, comes the question of how will those who became stars before social media deal with things?

Dating Jada

Throughout the series, Will has never been used as a crutch as Jada, and her mother Adrienne, have more than enough star power, charisma, social skills, you name it. Yet, when Will is around or needs to be brought up, it does lead to the deconstruction of the icon in ways that leads you to question how untouchable he may or may not be.

Take, for example, when he was dating Jada, and the conversation about her cursing in his presence led to him hitting her with a newspaper. Something which is but a blip in a much larger conversation about their journey, but also presents a dark side to Will we haven’t really gotten to see, hear, or know.

Raising Willow

Which continues in how his relationship with Willow is talked about. Something that has, since her teen years, specifically the “Whip My Hair” era, has gotten better, but as of the recent episode featuring rapper T.I., you are reminded how much there are things Will and his team have smartly kept from becoming news headlines. For example, apparently, there was a time Will Smith would say when Willow was feeling a certain way or reacting to things, that she was PMS’ing.

Now, again, the issue here is mostly in the form of Will Smith being this grand beacon of a person, who has diversified what Black actors have the potential to be by coming off as one of the most approachable, and marketable, one’s many know. Hence why nearly every genre, but horror at this point, is part of his filmography.

How He Evolved, Off Camera, Being Exposed On Camera

Jada recounting how Will once spoke to Willow.
Jada Pinkett-Smith (Quoting Will Smith): Oh, you must be PMSing

Yet, there comes this need to ask, as his marriage continues to be deconstructed, as his relationship to his kids gets deconstructed, as he becomes more than this jokester who also can present sage advice, will the reminder Will Smith is human and says and does politically incorrect things, off-camera, cause an issue? Especially as we’re reminded that he is this guy from Philly, who grew up in a certain era, and as much as he is one of the faces of Hollywood, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some thought patterns that would be welcome if said in a public, and filmed, space.

In Summary

Red Table Talk has found itself becoming that rare example of a celebrity having their own talk show and rather than it being just them hanging out with friends, helping them promote things, and seeming very ego-driven, to be personal. However, with opening up the Smith household to guests and fans, increasingly it is inviting scrutiny. The kind which, as much as the table is about understanding and conversation, you have to wonder, as the growth process in the family is revealed, could the past come to bite Will Smith even if he has shed the person he was at the time?

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