As Lucy begins to question what is going on in Vault 4, Moldaver develops in ways that leave you with many questions.

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Plot Recap

To Fight A Communist To Flirting With The Idea Of Becoming One – Cooper, Barb

With being a war veteran and someone with a bit of a distrust for his employers, Vault-Tec, Cooper longs for Bakersfield, life away from the city, and Barb is against that. She believes the bombs will drop, and while Cooper may not agree with his employer and the idea of living in a vault feels restrictive, to Barb, it means survival.

So, for her, she works hard to get them into one of the better vaults which raises a red flag for Cooper, for the question is, better compared to what? But rather than elaborate, it is just made clear what Barb’s goals are and the plans she has for the family.

The Shady Sands People Had To Go Somewhere – Lucy, Maximus, Birdie, Ben

In Vault 4, Maximus is patched up and treated to all the conveniences Vault Dwellers take advantage of. Heck, for a moment, he could have had it all as Lucy offered to have sex with him. But with lacking sex education and maybe being a bit insecure, he rejects her when she offers.

However, as he is treated to hot water, junk food, caviar, and more, he tries to have sex with her afterward, but at this point, Lucy isn’t in the mood. Why? Lucy has questions after talking with the one-eyed Overseer Ben, feeling increasingly weirded out by how mutated some are, and then she interacts with a Shady Sands survivor named Birdie. One is what is on Level 12, which seemingly can’t be discussed.

The Flame Mother – Cooper, Moldaver, Maximus, Lucy, Birdie

Both in the past and present, the name Moldaver comes up for Cooper. In the present day, as he deals with a local mob upset he messed with the Super Duper Mart, he learns Moldaver, aka The Flame Mother, is alive and well. This is strange because, when Cooper was convinced to go to a Communist meeting, back before the Great War, Moldaver was there, and she looks no different from then till now.

But, it could be because there is something special about Moldover. For example, Birdie and the survivors of Shady Sands worship her. It isn’t clear why, especially considering she is presented as a raider and wanted in many areas, but it seems they see her as a means of salvation. Which would be fine if there weren’t weird rituals in having blood sacrifices and having the ashes of those who died in the bombing of Shady Sands used.

That is what leads Lucy to think that something is wrong, and she and Maximus have to go. However, with experiencing hot water, clean water, and all types of food that are hard to find on the surface? He is cozy and is ready to stay. So, Lucy decides to go to Level 12 to get proof that something is wrong, and from the abominations she finds, it is clear that Vault 4 has notable experiments.

Unfortunately for Lucy, though, she gets caught, and the only person who can help her is multiple floors up, enjoying popcorn and watching a waterfall on a TV.

Collected Quote(s)

  • Time is the ultimate weapon. – Bud Askins

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Cooper Walton Goggins
Barb Frances Turner
Lucy Ella Purnell
Maximus Aaron Moten
Birdie Cherien Dabis
Moldaver Sarita Choudhury
Ben Chris Parnell

New Character Description(s)


Cherien Dabis as Birdie
Cherien Dabis as Birdie

Birdie is the representative of the Shady Sands refugees, leads them in rituals, and acts as an ambassador for people new to Vault 4.


Chris Parnell as Overseer Ben
Chris Parnell as Overseer Ben

Ben is the Overseer of Vault 4 who isn’t necessarily fond of people from the surface joining the community, but with a long-held culture of allowing people in, his hands are tied.



The History Of Shady Sands

Even if it was just through a classroom, one of the things I have to give “Fallout” is that it pushes you to be as curious as when you play the games. It makes you want to note that Shady Sands was found in 2142, and a little more than 100 years later, in 2277, it was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. In presenting this information, even without someone explaining what happened, you get the kind of world-building that often isn’t paired with the storytelling and character development this series has.

Building Up Moldover

Before this episode, Moldover was just a raider who stole Lucy’s father for unexplained reasons. But, with building her up into “The Flame Mother,” the people of Shady Sands presenting her as a God of sorts, and then her being alive in Cooper’s time? With her barely aging since then? Now I want to know about this woman and who she is, and not just why she took Lucy’s father.

This is especially notable to me, for in shows like “Ninja Kamui,” they also have a villain who isn’t seen much, but towards the back end, they are trying to present their motivation and get you invested. However, with seeing this episode, I feel firm in feeling “Ninja Kamui” did things the wrong way and “Fallout,” albeit a half hour longer per episode, knows how to and when to spread the spotlight around.

The Experiments Of Vault 4

Did we see one of the weird fish things that attacked Lucy before, down on level 12? How many abominations were potentially made in the vault and got outside? For while radiation is the likely source of radroaches, among other things, how much of what we see in the wasteland were made by the scientist in vaults, and somehow the abominations got free?

Never mind, considering some vaults likely do go up to the surface, how many abominations were released and studied from afar? Especially in the hopes that, without a nuclear weapon, other forms of offense could be created that would allow minimal casualties for one side and devastation for another?

Maximus’ Lack Of Education

On a lighter note, Maximus’ lack of education, sex education especially, was comical. Sad, in some ways, since it led to him missing out on having sex, but also funny. But, it does lead me to hope that, as we’ve seen in this episode and the last, we get to see more characters compare notes about the history they were taught and the actual truth. Whether it is about sex, The New California Republic, or other circulated beliefs throughout the Wasteland.

Background Information

Episode Title The Trap
Release Date April 10, 2024
Network Prime Video
Director(s) Frederick E.O. Toyew
Writer(s) Karey Dornetto
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 5
Series Page Fallout
Character Guide Fallout (TV Series): Character Guide and Noteworthy Information

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