Network(s)Prime Video 
Created ByGeneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner 
Based OnThe Fallout Video Game Series
First AiredApril 11, 2024 
Executive Produced ByGeneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner, Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, Athena Wickham, Todd Howard, James Altman
Showrunner(s)Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Sci-Fi, Young Adult
Renewal StatusRenewed For Season 2
Where To WatchOnly on Prime Video


In approximately 2,296 AD, the world is still reeling from a nuclear war that quickly began in 2077. In “Fallout,” we follow three people experiencing the wasteland. There is Cooper Howard (Walton Goggins), who was alive before the bombs dropped but, due to intense radiation, is now known as a “Ghoul.” Second, there is Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell), who is a vault dweller, someone who lived in a bomb shelter made to last for generations, but when raiders kidnap her father, she leaves the once-assumed safety of her vault to find her dad.

Lastly, there is Maximus (Aaron Moten), a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. With being raised within the Brotherhood of Steel, a military organization that seeks to bring order back to the world and confiscate technology from before the bomb dropped, Maximus has longed to be stronger than he was when he was recruited as a child and potentially get revenge on those who left him an orphan.

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Walton Goggins as Cooper, Ella Purnell as Lucy, and Aaron Moten as Maximus

Fallout (TV Series): Character Guide and Noteworthy Information

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