Ninja Kamui: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Recap & Review

A revenge plot featuring what looks like humanoid ninjas, set in the near future, is what we’re introduced to in the premiere of “Ninja Kamui.”

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Joe Logan (Kenjiro Tsuda) after showing his true face and putting his mask on



Release Date

February 10, 2024


Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park


Shigeru Murakoshi

Newly Noted Characters and Cast

Joe Logan

Kenjiro Tsuda

Mike Moriss

Atsushi Ono

Emma Samanda

Yuki Wakai

Plot Recap

The First Kill We See

Head Evil Ninja
“Head Evil Ninja,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 1,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, 2024, (MAX)

It isn’t made clear why, but this tech-ninja organization is killing people who aren’t your everyday citizens. The first one we meet puts up a notable fight, but the numbers game eventually leads to their demise.

The Happy Family – Joe

Joe Logan (Kenjiro Tsuda) as a blonde American
“Joe Logan (Kenjiro Tsuda) as a blonde American,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 1,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, 2024, (MAX)

We then switch to seeing a family, a father, Joe, with his wife and son, just enjoying life in a rural area, taking care of a farm. It’s cute and wholesome, but you can tell that Joe and his family worry about the people who killed the man mentioned in the first topic. However, they seem to think that their family will be left alone by living far away from the city.

Nothing But Blood and Bodies – Joe, Mike, Emma

Unfortunately, while there was peace long enough to raise his son to school age, Joe’s little paradise is destroyed. The same group who killed the unnamed man in El Balkeen comes to the farm and kills Joe’s wife and his adolescent son, and they thought they killed him.

Yet, days later, he wakes up in the morgue, and the FBI, represented by agents Mike and Emma, show up to ask questions and try to get any guidance they can about what happened and by whom. However, all that ends up happening is Emma nearly getting caught up in the mystery group trying to finish the job on Joe.

They don’t. He kills the one who murdered his wife, and we learn he changed his face to get away from the organization, his wife may be as well. But now, he may not care for hiding and may want to cut the head of the snake.

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Community Rating: 100% (1 votes)


The Action

The first thing worth noting when it comes to “Ninja Kamui” is the action. With bodies flying and contorting, blades flying about of all sizes, and the blood? Oh, it is a violent affair. It might be a lasting highlight for the season, if not the series.

Enough Intrigue To Keep You Interested

Joe Logan (Kenjiro Tsuda) showing his true face
“Joe Logan (Kenjiro Tsuda) showing his true face,” Ninja Kamui, “Season 1/ Episode 1,” directed by Yui Miura, Sunghoo Park, 2024, (MAX)

It isn’t clear yet if the violence seen in episode 1 is all that may keep this show interesting, but a revenge tale against a giant assassin organization isn’t the worst idea. Granted, did things feel rushed with killing off Joe’s family so quick? What about giving us no background on the organization or having the most notable face amongst them killed in the first episode?

Yeah, there is the possibility things may have peaked early on, but we have hopes that the spectacular opening is a sign of what’s to come. That is, instead of creating a longing for what we hoped the show would become.

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Ninja Kamui: Season 1/ Episode 1 – Episode Review


“Ninja Kamui” has a notable opening, but like so many shows, it is questionable whether it can maintain expectations based on the initial quality delivered or if this is the beginning of a slow descent where the best part might be the big action sequences. Which, as cool as they are at first, could easily lose their luster.

  • The Action - 83%
  • Enough Intrigue To Keep You Interested - 80%


  • Enough Intrigue To Keep You Interested
  • The Action


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