Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Recap and Review

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As Mia seeks out what kind of normal she can attain, she gets surprised by two who offer her a chance at a new normal rather than the one she expected or was used to.

General Information

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Release Date (Netflix) October 5, 2023
Director(s) Alyssa McClelland
Writer(s) Ripley Parker
Newly Noted Characters and Cast
Ms. Lambert Amy Trigg
Dr. Nell Stephen Fry
Carli Jessie Mae Alonzo
Previously Noted Characters and Cast
Mia Sophie Wilde
Theo Robert Akodoto
Alison Niamh McCormack
Vivian Vivienne Acheampong
Becca Lauryn Ajufo
Cameron Harry Cadby
Will Noah Thomas

Plot Recap

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Body Dysmorphia – Dr. Nell, Mia

As you can imagine, inpatient care for a 16-year-old is hard. You’re cut off from friends and family, and considering Mia didn’t necessarily volunteer for care but did recognize something was wrong, it makes having all this time to herself, or being pushed into a group environment, difficult. But then, like now, she recognized being this isolated was holding her back. For the incentive to get better was getting back to normal, but the longer she stayed in patient care, the further normal was becoming.

Dr. Nell understood this and can see Mia was motivated. However, with seeing Mia’s body dysmorphia is still a notable issue, that can lead to her having a negative response, he doesn’t recommend her for outpatient care in the flashback scenes.

Of All The People And All The Times To Be Helpful – Mia, Theo, Alison, Vivian, Ms. Lambert

Mia’s actions at Theo’s party make her the talk of the school, to the point her teacher, and apparent counselor, Ms. Lambert, talks to her. It doesn’t do much, the conversation, to help Mia’s embarrassment, but Theo asking to hang out does.

In Mia’s mind, this might be a date, and with that comes the struggle of what to say and dress like, since Mia either hates the clothes she has, or they don’t fit. So, off to the mall she goes where Alison, who is strangely nice, helps her pick what could be seen as the perfect dress.

Sad thing is, Theo didn’t ask her on a date but just to hang out. Which makes Vivian learning about the date and giving a sex talk, awkwardness that Mia didn’t have to have. But, there is no denying that Mia has a closer relationship with her mom and, surprisingly, Alison after this episode.

So, This Is Love? – Becca, Cameron, Will, Mia, Carli

After the embarrassment of the date that never was, Mia goes to Will’s karaoke thing where she meets Carli rather than go home. Mia spotted Carli at Theo’s party and seeing her from afar isn’t as overwhelming as seeing her up close. But, with her able to roll with Mia’s awkwardness, potentially in a flirty way, Mia is enraptured. Not enough to claim queerness, but she definitely takes note of the ease she feels around Carli.

What helps is that, on top of Carli being new and not knowing Mia’s story, she is Will’s co-worker and friend. But, while something is blossoming there, it is hard to say what may happen with Becca and Cameron. Becca would like something more serious but doesn’t have faith that Cameron wants the same, and when they have a potential DTR conversation, she guides him to the idea she wants to keep things casual rather than exclusive. Thus leading to her getting what she asked for.

New Character Description(s)

Ms. Lambert

Ms. Lambert (Amy Trigg)
“Ms. Lambert (Amy Trigg),” Everything Now, “Episode 1.2,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

Ms. Lambert is Becca and Mia’s teacher, who is sunny, bright, and uses a wheelchair.

Dr. Nell

Dr. Nell (Stephen Fry)
“Dr. Nell (Stephen Fry),” Everything Now, “Episode 1.2,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

Dr. Nell was Mia’s doctor while she was seeking inpatient care.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “It’s A Sin.”


Carli (Jessie Mae Alonzo)
“Carli (Jessie Mae Alonzo),” Everything Now, “Episode 1.2,” directed by Alyssa McClelland, 2023, (Netflix)

Carli is a girl from Manchester, new to London, who is Will’s co-worker and potentially Mia’s new friend.


Notable Performances or Moments

Shipping Carli and Mia

I know what many might think: “Does every teen show need to have it where the lead character isn’t heterosexual?” I mean, it’s hard to say. This upcoming generation is more experimental and fluid than Millennials and those who came before us, especially since they have easy access to representation and terms that we didn’t. Never mind, while some still don’t accept their children being anything but cis and straight, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Mia.

That all aside, I like that Carli makes Mia feel less awkward and can even roll with the punches. For watching her with Theo, who lacks wit and can’t really do banter with Mia, was tough. Now, this isn’t to say it is like that with every guy or that every girl, like Carli, will know what to say and do and make Mia feel at ease.

However, with what we have, I feel like Mia can experience a lot of what’s on her list and have happy memories, rather than regrets, with Carli.


Mia’s Recovery Journey

As “Everything Now” triggers memories of “To The Bone,” which should still be on Netflix, it also allows us something different. Because it is a series, we get what “To The Bone” covered, in terms of inpatient recovery, while addressing the thereafter of creating the new normal. This includes triggers like how mirrors bother Mia or no longer fitting into her old pants. It’s a little bit of everything, and because we get both the recovery and low points, it doesn’t feel like we’re getting an incomplete story or something that leaves us on an ellipsis.

This is much needed because even if this is fiction, there is more than enough to appear relatable to someone who needs to see someone like Mia survive and potentially thrive.

Mia and Vivian Giving Their Relationship A Chance

It isn’t clear when the disconnect began between Mia and Vivian or why it exists. Clearly, Vivian was all too happy to be the one to give Mia the sex talk; never mind she was willing to open up about her own teen years. So, with that in mind, you can see Vivian wants to be close to her daughter and not paint the picture she was always perfect, well-liked, or keep up a façade.

Yet, whether it is Mia wanting more or Vivian not recognizing she is giving the minimum, it is going to be interesting to see and learn what led to their relationship going astray, as it seems Vivian recognizes she can do better.

On The Fence

Becca Not Saying What She Wants

While Mia’s journey is the central focus, we can’t discount Becca’s with Cameron. She too wants better for herself and some form of normal. But, like Mia, she isn’t sure how to not only pursue it but gain it, so she is awkward about it. Now, granted, Becca is getting in her own way by not openly communicating like Mia is trying to do. However, let’s not discount she is 16, this seems to be her first situationship, or friends with benefits, scenario, so she doesn’t have the terminology or experience to navigate this in a way to convey properly she wants something more serious. Never mind how to pick up whether Cameron may want the same.

Wanting More Out Of Will and Alison

I need Will to be more than the happy-go-lucky gay character who is potentially in an exploitative relationship. Then, with Alison, I feel like they are pushing the idea there is a duality to her, but it’s hard to say where they may go. Will we get to see why she is getting close to Mia, especially since it seems they weren’t that close before, or will she continue to be this unconventional fairy godmother type?

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Everything Now: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Overview


So far, so good, “Everything Now” is holding steady, and while there are never any guarantees, this one feels like it could be a solid show.

  • Shipping Carli and Mia - 86%
  • Mia’s Recovery Journey - 84%
  • Mia and Vivian Giving Their Relationship A Chance - 83.5%
  • Becca Not Saying What She Wants - 77%
  • Wanting More Out Of Will and Alison - 74%
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  • Mia and Vivian Giving Their Relationship A Chance
  • Mia’s Recovery Journey
  • Shipping Carli and Mia


  • Wanting More Out Of Will and Alison
  • Becca Not Saying What She Wants

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