As the wayward witches settle in, Sabrina mounts the first offense against the Pagans. But a new enemy threatens them.

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As the wayward witches settle in, Sabrina mounts the first offense against the Pagans. But a new enemy threatens them.

Directed By Michael Goi
Written By Joshua Conkel
Aired (Netflix) 1/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
Circe Lucie Guest
Sycorax Kaylah Zander

Episode Recap

Poor Dr. C: Dr. Cerebus, Hilda

After Hilda reveals she is cursed by a spider woman, Dr. Cerebus is pretty understanding. However, with him being such, it may have gotten him eaten or, at the very least, saved to be a snack for later.

An Arrangement: Caliban, Sabrina

While by no means giving up, Caliban does present the best idea there could be for him and Sabrina – marriage. An idea Sabrina isn’t strongly into since she believes in love over political convenience, but the idea is pocketed for later since an alliance would put on the table the mortal world not becoming the 10th circle of hell.

Love Gets In The Way: Harvey, Roz, Sabrina, Nick, Caliban

Sabrina dealing with Roz being turned to stone, and her feelings towards Nick is getting increasingly difficult for it makes her feel pulled in more ways than a 16-year-old can handle. But things get far more complicated when Caliban, trying to, once again, make friends with Sabrina, reveals a spell which could turn Roz into flesh. The problem is, it requires a kiss from Harvey which would take away his love for her. Something he is willing to sacrifice but, when he kisses Roz, she remains stone.

With that happening, Caliban teases Harvey and Sabrina to the point Sabrina takes Prudence’s advice and does a simple ritual to break her bond/love with Harvey and Nick.

The Best Defense Is A Good Offense: Sabrina, Ambrose, Circe, Gryla, Sycorax

Considering the many witches who are offered a place in the coven, if they help, Sabrina decides rather than have them sit around, waiting for something to happen, to put them use. This leads to the wayward witches channeling their powers through Sabrina, who uses their magic to storm the carnival grounds to snatch Circe, who has the ability to change people into anything she so shall choose. Leading to Roz and Dorcas turning back to flesh.

Bang Bang: Lilith, Faustus, Lucifer, Mary, Zelda, Hilda

Hilda eventually realizes that if she remains alive, it means her luring in and eating more and more people. So, knowing she’d have no trouble killing her, she calls Zelda, who, after murdering her sister, puts her in Cain’s pit to hopefully be revitalized to a normal state.

Which, for Zelda, hopefully, happens soon. You see, Faustus/ Lucifer goes to visit Mary, who is harboring Lilith, who is masquerading as Adam – until she is revealed. With that, and Faustus/ Lucifer revealing the Spellman family are witches, Mary goes to the house and shoots Zelda not too long after she buries Hilda.

As that happens, Lilith begins a separation spell and tries to make a deal with Faustus when she puts Lucifer to sleep.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Robin betraying the Pagans is now common knowledge, and he all but says he loves Theo.
  • So, is there going to be no follow up on the death of the Anti-Pope and that whole scandal? You’d think we’d see more than the counsel considering all the drama of the back half of season 2.
  • Is it wrong to wish more was done with Lilith feeling betrayed after Zelda dismissed her?

Review/ Commentary


Sabrina Cutting Off Her Feelings

As noted previously, the bane of most young adult and teen shows is the pursuit of what more often seems like obligatory relationships than any with chemistry that naturally come together. So with Sabrina cutting off her feelings for Harvey and Nick, it allows her to possibly think more clearly. Specifically, it may allow for this alliance with Caliban who, realistically, she could fall for, but could very well just become a platonic friend. It isn’t likely to happen, but maybe this show may still have surprises up its sleeve?

Some Ambrose x Prudence Time

The only couple to truly believe in gets some quality time this episode as they watch Mambo Michele teach Judith and Judas about her type of magic. And in that, we see the quiet beauty of their relationship which isn’t about grand gestures, or anything made to make their relationship seem boisterous. They are two individuals with different parts to play who make an effort to catch up and be with one another when they can. Thus allowing us to see a love that isn’t like most of Sabrina’s, which are all-consuming, but one that is very much mature.

But, lest we forget, Ambrose and Prudence aren’t 16.

Mambo Michele Shown Respect

There aren’t a whole lot of Black witches on this show, and for a long time, Prudence and Ambrose seemed like a token pair. So for Mambo Michele to come about and be disrespected, it makes sense since Zelda has shown herself as prejudice when it comes to the pagans, who seem somewhere between being middle eastern or from eastern Europe. But, unlike the pagans, who have made it clear there will be no reconciliation or truce, Michele comes in peace and at the ask of Prudence. Someone who, maybe, with not getting to know her mother, sees a maternal figure in Michele? After all, while Zelda is far from nurturing, even with her own family, and with Hilda more like the cook you experienced in middle school than an active figure, she isn’t someone anyone can really latch onto.

So with Michele, who hopefully isn’t just sticking around for the battle than leaving, there is something which shows growth potential not just for Prudence, but the show as a whole. Especially in terms of giving Vodou respect amongst shows which either focus on the Hollywood perception or as less sophisticated just because the magic isn’t cast by someone of a certain complexion and isn’t sourced from the US or western Europe.


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