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Black Lightning is back and to move the story forward, his identity comes out to a few people. Also, there is a need to address the kids in pods.

Director(s) Salim Akil
Writer(s) Salim Akil
Air Date 10/9/2018
Characters Introduced
Napier Robert Townsend
Agent Odell Bill Duke

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The Kids Are Not Alright: Jennifer, Kiesha, Anissa, Jefferson, Lynn, Napier

Both Jefferson’s home life and professional life are in turmoil. At work, according to his man on the inside, Napier, the board is tired of Jefferson and might think the school is beyond repair. Not physically but PR wise. Yet, to keep the school alive, Jefferson says to just make a public thing out of firing him. He never listened, didn’t take the security issue seriously, so he’ll fall on the sword to keep the school open.

As for what’s going on at home? Well, Anissa learns that Jennifer is floating in her sleep and tells her parents. This leads to Lynn thinking some therapy might help and Jefferson believes she just needs to be trained. However, between Kiesha talking bad about people with powers, and Jennifer feeling stifled, her powers overreact. She even, accidentally, hurts Lynn when she gets in an argument with her.

Luckily though, Jefferson is able to absorb her excess powers, as before. However, with Jennifer getting stronger and stronger, and it being noted that Jefferson isn’t a spring chicken, how much longer can he do this? Especially if Jennifer decides she doesn’t want help?


Jennifer floating as she sleeps.

Jennifer’s life has all the makings of a villain. A sister who is overbearing; a mother who is low-key afraid of her, perhaps wants to control her; a best friend who thinks of people like her as a sign it is the end of says; and a dad who is the reason she has the powers. Add in Khalil texting and calling, maybe Tobias saying he figured out a way to control powers and you can see Jennifer going to the dark side right? Even if just to get help and support.

You Got A Friend In Me: Henderson, Anissa, Jefferson

Henderson figures out Jefferson is Black Lighting and Anissa is Thunder. However, the people who, thankfully, don’t figure that out is the church. The place where Anissa drops around $500,000 to help pay the legal fees so people can sue the government to get their kids. How she get this money you ask? Oh, by robbing drug dealers. Though also keeping some money for herself.


Henderson asking Jefferson to just say he is Black Lightning.
Henderson: Just say it, Negro.

I don’t know which is going to happen first, but I’m excited for the result. Will Jefferson see all that cash first, or will it Lynn or Jennifer? But before that, you got to wonder what Anissa will do with all that money? While her family isn’t broke, nor balling on a budget, they aren’t much more than comfortable. Also, while Thunder has all she needs equipment wise, Anissa doesn’t get a lot of things to treat herself with.

Plus, considering Jefferson is out of a job, that may mean money might be tight. Lest we forget, while Lynn is around a lot, she doesn’t live in that house no mo’. So when it comes to paying property taxes and bills, while she can help, there is the question of will she get on Jefferson’s case about bringing in income?

Let’s not forget Henderson knowing the truth, by the way. Does this mean a Batman and Commissioner Gordon type of relationship on the horizon? Well, with the difference being Henderson knowing Black Lightning’s real identity? Because it wasn’t too long-ago Henderson was hunting Black Lightning. So how long it may take for him to reconcile his best friend is a vigilante is anyone’s guess.

Friends In High Places: Gambi, Syonide, Kara, Tobias, Agent Odell, Lynn

Lynn is trying her best to become the doctor in charge of the pods but ASA agent Odell is making that difficult. So, to make some moves, Gambi’s connections are used. It isn’t just Lynn though who decides to use Gambi’s services. Kara, after being attacked by Syonide, wants Gambi to provide her an out. She even offers getting the suitcase Tobias has to win him over.

Problem is, with Kara killing Syonide, it makes Tobias a bit more dangerous since now he doesn’t have no one. But, luckily for Kara, with Tobias having no one, but maybe Khalil, when she gets shot with a harpoon, she doesn’t find it hard to escape without being chased. Though a harpoon in the stomach remains something which will likely take her out for quite some time.


Title card for Chapter 1: Rise of the Green Light Babies.

I love how dry Agent Odell is. Season 1 lacked a truly compelling villain, even with Tobias consistently available to us. So here is hoping Agent Odell, even if he is just a pain in the ass to Lynn, is but a taste of what’s to come. That is, villains who have presence and clearly are not ones to mess with.

With that said, Kara going up again Tobias, and sort of being on the same side as Black Lightning, that’s going to be interesting. Especially if they ever cross paths. For while Jefferson knows Gambi and Kara are working together, she doesn’t know Gambi and Jefferson are. Much less, Tobias doesn’t know there is a nice sized group which are trying to come against him. Making the fact Kara seemingly killed Syonide to definitely make Tobias more dangerous. After all, like he said, what does he have to lose? What makes him vulnerable now? Nothing.


  1. The family dynamic, especially as Jennifer experiences a new crisis.
  2. Lynn and Agent Odell facing off.
  3. Henderson knowing the truth
  4. Kara and Gambi working together.

On The Fence

  1. Will we get a legit and fearsome villain this season? Much less one who doesn’t get weakened so that when they die, it isn’t epic but seemed bound to happen?

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The family dynamic, especially as Jennifer experiences a new crisis. - 80%
Lynn and Agent Odell facing off. - 85%
Kara and Gambi working together. - 81%
Henderson knowing the truth - 82%
Will we get a legit and fearsome villain this season? Much less one who doesn’t get weakened so that when they die, it isn’t epic but seemed bound to happen? - 70%


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