The Promised Neverland Season 1 Episode 1 121045 [Series Premiere] - Title Card

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The Promised Neverland balances out childhood innocence with the type of creepiness which puts you a tad on edge.

Creator Kaiu Shirai
Director(s) Mamoru Kanbe
Writer(s) Toshiya Ono
Air Date 1/9/2018
Genre(s) Fantasy
Good If You Like Children As Leads In Dark Productions
Isn’t For You If You Like Shows To Be Slower And Build Up To The Shocking Moment Longer
Introduced This Episode
Ray Ise Mariya
Emma Morohoshi Sumire
Norman Uchida Maaya
Conny Ari Ozawa
Isabella Kaida Yuuko

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The Introduction

On a farm lives 38 kids and one maternal figure named Isabella. The kids range from around 5 to 11 but no older. Why? Well, because by the time they are 12 they get adopted. At least that is the assumption the top students at the farm, Ray, Emma, and Norman have. However, when a younger kid, Conny, gets adopted but leaves her stuffed animal, Emma and Norman learn the truth. With that comes the need to question if they will tell others and how will they escape out into a world they are by no means prepared for?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who are these kids parents?
  2. What kind of tests were they taking?
  3. What is the world like outside of the farm?


It Sets You Up To Knock You Down

Conny (Ari Ozawa) before she leaves to be "adopted."
Conny (Ari Ozawa)

Unlike American cinema and TV shows, it seems those who make anime know how to entice you without giving the whole plot away. Such is the case with The Promised Neverland for while there was clearly something sinister going on, it wasn’t made clear what it exactly was. So when it came to watching the episode, depending on how long it has been since you saw the trailer, you almost forget what you had to fear. You get an almost Madeline vibe, but in the countryside, with Isabella raising all these kids. Of course with help from the older ones, but pretty much everything is on her.

However, then the Conny situation happens and while those who have long built up a tolerance to violence won’t be left aghast, the situation is a little eye-opening. If not the most important thing, it gets you invested. For while Emma is adorable, as is Norman, and there is a looming threat, they are touted as geniuses. Granted, it is made clear they aren’t on Isabella’s level, but who knows the full extent of her wisdom.

Yet, with a real threat, and considering the danger looks like Elias from The Ancient Magus’ Bride so came the need to ask, “What the f***?” A question I’m still asking myself as I try to fathom what kind of world these children live in. Never mind what Isabella might be.

On The Fence

This Seems Like It Could Simply Be a 90+ Minute Movie & That Would Suffice

Norman (Uchida Maaya) and Emma (Morohoshi Sumire) after learning the truth and returning home.
Norman (Uchida Maaya) and Emma (Morohoshi Sumire)

Don’t get me wrong, I like what this show could express throughout 12 episodes. However, there is this vibe that this doesn’t need around 4 and a half hours to tell its story right. Leading to this need to wonder if, by episode 5 or 6, will this show hit a point of feeling like it is dragging things out? For, a handful of episodes are going to be dedicated to the escape plan, then seeing the outside world and trying to survive. But, perhaps my biggest fear is how will the show pace this out and whether these characters, while adorable now, will get boring and annoying over time.

First Impression: Mixed (Stick Around)

I’m not saying this show is iffy, more so it is the type of show which seems like it’ll start off strong but then dwindle until it is kind of eh. But, not before trying to have an explosive ending to make up for the weeks you kept watching because you made it that far. Hence the mixed label. The Promised Neverland seems like something which could have worked as a movie being extended into a 12 episode series. Leaving you to wonder if that fat which comes with that may add flavor or leave you feeling that a lot could have been trimmed off.

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