Juni Taisen (Zodiac War): Season 1/ Episode 6 “Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 6 Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble - Nezumi
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Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 6 Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble - Nezumi

Juni Taisen tries to make up for its recently uneventful episodes by basically going back to its old way of handling characters’ deaths.

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Age Is Blinding: Hitsuji, Tora

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 6 Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble - Tora and Hitsuji

Based off how we have seen Tora, can you blame Hitsuji for not taking her seriously? She is drunk, scantily clad, and seems like an idiot. Yet, lest we forget, so did Niwatori at one point. And with that in mind, it should have been clear Hitsuji wouldn’t stand a chance. What underdog, in their first fight, lost the match so far?

It’s All About Positioning: Usagi, Sharyu

Speaking of underdogs, did anyone else think when it came to Usagi vs. Sharyu that maybe Sharyu could win? I didn’t. Usagi has some sort of magical powers, is nothing but muscle, and is wearing heels. Can you imagine them having that character lose to the pacifist? Well, he doesn’t. Usagi may have to ducked, dived, and been a little underhanded, but he ends up stabbing Sharyu right in the chest and she is out!

Staying In One Place Is Basically Like Being Dead: Uuma, Nezumi, Takeyasu

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 6 Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble - Nezumi

With the deaths tolling up, it is time to make bets and everyone seems to be sure Ushii is the contender. At one time it would have been Uuma, who basically rebuilt his body into a tank, but that one fight, perhaps the one time he was evenly matched after his body modifications, it scared him off. Thus leaving him a sitting duck for Takeyasu. Someone who only encounters Uuma thanks to Nezumi.

Now, as for how Nezumi found his way into a bank vault? That isn’t necessarily made clear. He is a rat so there is the possibility of flexibility, among other things. Though with everyone, even Hitsuji in his old age, jumping from rooftop to roof top, what is so special about that? So, for a moment, it almost seems that it may not being agile but heightened senses, similar to Tora, might be his skill. If only because Nezumi damn near seems to read Uuma’s mind if not just pick up on something about him. Thus causing him to answer questions to Uuma’s thoughts.

Hell, considering Nezumi has the angtsy teen down pat, maybe his skill deals with getting into people’s heads? Either way, he somehow sleuths in and out of that bank vault without Takeyasu finding him. However, while Uuma’s body can handle crushing metal, stuff as hot as lava, and even the blows of Ushii, it can’t handle a lack of oxygen. So another one bites the dust.

On The Fence

Yes We’ve Gotten Back To Killing Off Characters, But Do You Care?

Juni Taisen (Zodiac War) Season 1 Episode 6 Even A Champion Racehorse May Stumble

Uuma and Sharyu, arguably, were expendable. Uuma’s backstory has to be the weakest we have yet to be given and Sharyu is the one who started the backstory downturn. Then with Hitsuji, while his background was okay, it seemed like an alternative storyline to Niwatori’s with some family adopting him in and then sending him off for the Juni Taisen. Almost as if they wanted to protect their blood relations so they brought this outside to take the hit.

But, as for whether that was the true reason Niwatori was adopted, much less Hitsuji was allowed to marry into the family? Who knows. All we know is that we don’t have the most awe-inspiring fighters left. If this was a video game, then maybe. But for an action anime which seems to want to have some sort of story, we don’t really have the pick of the litter anymore.

Usagi is interesting, but he is kind of boring for a psychopath. His look is definitely eye catching, the way he talks and acts is weird. However, what we are presented with him isn’t something strong enough to keep the show floating. Then with the rest, Tora, Nezumi, and Uuma, alongside wherever Takeyasu’s brother is, can you really say they have any drawing power?

Uuma is the favorite to win but is as boring as a piece of chalk in his matador outfit. Tora, with her one strike kill and skimpy outfit, doesn’t offer much beside a bit of ecchi. Nezumi is nothing but a smart mouth, a bit of mystery, and a reminder of how annoying emo teenagers can be. Then with whoever Takeyasu’s brother is? Like Tora, before the last episode, I can’t be the only one who forgot he wasn’t killed.

So I don’t know what is coming next, but as for my general feelings about Juni Taisen at this point, I definitely think this show isn’t going to be remembered much within one or two seasons. Unless someone wants to point out how not to do an action anime. Especially one which is tournament style.

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