Castlevania: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Monument” [Season Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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So we learn, in the long run, Castlevania: Season 1 is simply an origin story. One made to build up to the reveal of Alucard and his rebirth.

The End of the Bishop

The bishop meets an anti-climatic end. For neither Dracula nor Trevor kills him but some unnamed demon. One which, for some reason, has the ability to talk.


Really? The sole, undisputed villain of the season dies by the hand of a being without a name? What kind of nonsense? Much less, considering how graphic this show has been, we don’t even get to see how this demon kills him. We get the “This person has been hung but we can’t show you” type of shot. One where you see from his feet not moving, while off the ground, that he is dead.

A Loss of Faith: Trevor, Sypha

Just as Trevor saved her life, Sypha saves him from the mob. Thus allowing Trevor to call out the clergy, men who carry weapons and call for death out. And despite all the things these people have done on behalf of the clergy, and their faith, they turn on one of them quite quickly. Murder him in quite a graphic way too.


You know, one thing that has become clear with this show is that after a string of rather weak dialog, the kind I’d imagine from a Uwe Boll movie, then there is violence. In a way, you can simply call it compensation. Terrible writing made up for blood spilled and gore. Which I’ve come to accept since this show doesn’t seem like it wants to be taken seriously. It gives the vibe of an action movie where it more so is about the entertainment than presenting itself as art.

The Rise of Alucard – Son of Dracula: Sypha, Alucard, Trevor

At least 1/5 of this show is him falling down holes.

Long story short, after undoing the brainwash of the townspeople, and killing various demons, including the one which killed the bishop, Sypha and Trevor fall many stories below the surface. When they eventually hit rock bottom they come upon Alucard’s coffin and being that Alucard reveals himself as a vampire, Trevor feels compelled to kill him. Thus leading to one very awesome fight and eventually an alliance.

For, you see, Alucard is the Sleeping Soldier. The one the Speakers have spoken about. As for the origin of the story? Well, that isn’t said. All that matters is that Alucard has the two things he needs to stop his father in Sypha and Trevor. Meaning, next season, the focus will be Dracula.


I know animation is expensive, but they could have just postponed this to Halloween and released a full season. This truly felt like a slightly unorthodox origin story which barely features the hero we were waiting for. And while, as with past battles, I enjoyed every bit of combat seen thoroughly, I feel left so indifferent about this show. Perhaps because it feels like a supercut of all the action scenes with the build up to the fights kept in.

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