Interview With The Vampire
Original Network(s)AMC
Created ByRolin Jones
Based OnThe Vampire Chronicles (Specifically Interview With the Vampire) by Anne Rice
First Aired10/1/2022
Executive Produced ByRolin Jones, Mark Johnson, Anne Rice, Christopher Rice, Alan Taylor
Showrunner(s)Rolin Jones and Alan Taylor
Genre(s)Drama, Fantasy, Romance, LGBT+, Historical
Renewal StatusRenewed for a Third Season

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Louis de Point du Lac, with his companion Armand, speak to a reporter named Daniel Molly. They tried to previously in 1973, but the line of questioning led to Daniel nearly being killed. Nearly 50 years later, Louis is more mature; at this point, Daniel has two Pulitzers, and there is an effort to revisit their former interview in which Louis plans to recount his entire human and vampire life. This includes details of what has happened to him as a queer man trying to make it in New Orleans, him becoming a vampire thanks to Lestat, raising and being with Claudia, and his life with Armand.

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Lestat, Tom, and Louis in a portrait

Interview With The Vampire: Season 1 – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

In the first adaptation of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles in serial form, race swapping isn’t the only notable thing about AMC’s version of “Interview With The Vampire.”