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Vincent n Roxxy is a bit all over the place and has many interesting aspects, or storylines rather, but none of them reach their full potential.

Characters & Storyline

Roxxy (Zoe Kravitz) is on the run. Her brother owed this man Suga (Scott Mescudi) money, and when he didn’t have it, he looks at her. Luckily, while trying to get away from one of Suga’s boys she is saved by Vincent (Emile Hirsch). Someone who came back just recently to the town he grew up in and ran into Roxxy on the first day.

Now, at first, as understandable, she is cautious about dealing with him. However, with her having no place to go, and needing a job, he hooks her up. Thus starting a wonderful friendship which blooms into something more. Though, she and her brother’s old problems put a damper on what could be between her and Vincent.


The Last Act

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While the film has its moments, it can dull you into a stupor at times. However, the last act will either make your jaw drop, make you jump out of your seat, or make you flinch. If only because it is so shocking compared to the ho-hum trajectory we see for most of the film. So when you see Suga, know he will make his presence known and he’ll make sure you put respect on his name.

On top of that, he sets off a series of the most shocking events.

On The Fence

Brotherly Love

I don’t know if it was the actors or the writing, but there was just this vibe that no matter the brotherly love or issues between JC (Emory Cohen) and Vincent, there was something missing there. What I mean is, you can tell there is history, you can see a slight love/ hate relationship, but there isn’t much heart there. There isn’t some sort of bond or platonic chemistry which makes either their fights or reconciliations something to care about. You just recognize a lot of things happened and neither are over it. However, you don’t feel the sense of abandonment either have nor feel much reason to get invested.

The Quick Rise and Fall of Roxxy and Vincent

When it comes to Zoe Kravitz, like her parents, there is this certain undeniable presence and look that you can’t help but take note of. On top of that, and perhaps this is her own unique gift, she is the type of actor who, whether it is a platonic or romantic relationship, she crafts a natural chemistry. One in which you almost are left surprised that she isn’t like many other actors, especially those during the 00s, who we often saw dating their co-stars. For the way she looks at whoever she is paired with, be it with affection, lust, or just a joy to be around them, there is just this inability to think she is being anything but genuine.

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Which makes it unfortunate that this movie, like many which employ romance, make it so when the relationship of the male and female lead are at a high, then it quickly comes crashing down. Then, from there, we are left with a sad, desperate, and almost unrealistic, road to redemption. Though, with the way this movie plays out, it flips things on its head.

Roxxy’s Revenge

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Roxxy’s revenge is something which is a bit polarizing. For while the act in itself is a highlight, seeing a Black woman not be the victim but the avenger, at the same time, the way it is handled is like a Rambo-styled action movie. I mean, to break it down, first, we have Suga, who isn’t talked about for the whole movie suddenly appearing. Then, he just causes an abrupt disruption to the movie. I’m talking, his actions seem to be just about shaking the viewer up, taking you out of some state of complacency, and that’s it. He almost seems there solely because they know you have probably stopped caring about what happens so they try to end things with a bang. With Roxxy suddenly becoming a bit of a bad ass after spending most of the movie seeming kind of submissive. Yet, who knows, maybe the way Roxxy is written is supposed to be a nod to the unwritten prequels to how many a bad ass Black vigilinate came to be? 

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

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Kravitz, to me, is what saved the film. Her role as a love interest and avenger, that is the highlight of the film. For everything else, watching JC and Vincent fight, make up, and be bros, it does nothing for the movie. If only because, neither the actors nor the writing of their dialog truly hits home.

Hence the Mixed label for while Kravitz shines, and tries to salvage things, there seems to be some attempt at pretending Hirsch is on her level and he is not. Making every moment she isn’t on screen and the focus of the scene dull, lifeless, and tedious to watch. Hence the borderline ridiculous ending which not only seems out of place but like a serious wake up call for those who fell asleep.

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