The Favourite – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Favourite Ending (Spoilers)

The Favourite title card.

Sarah was one the ropes. Abigail drugged her and that led to her being dragged, for who knows how long, by a horse. On top of that, she was almost coerced into sex work because of her cousin. So, upon her return to court, Abigail had every reason to hope a truce would end any fears she had of retaliation. However, in the long run, it seems Abigail had nothing to fear.

You see, while Sarah formerly threatened Abigail with being shot, threw books at her, tantrums the level of the Queen, she is outwitted by Abigail. For while Sarah tries to poison Queen Anne’s opinion of Abigail, use her sway as Anne’s confidant and lover, it isn’t enough. Add in the death blow by Abigail by making it seem Sarah, and her husband, were stealing money, and this leads to Sarah being considered a traitor to the crown and nearly losing everything.

However, despite Abigail seeming like the victor, all she did was get back her title her father lost. As for the rest of her life? Now being the queen’s new lover, one who she expects to have sex with her and love her? It leads you to question who truly won the war and whether it all was a bunch of pyrrhic victories on Abigail’s part.

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