The Changeover (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

The Changeover (2019) - Alternate Title Card featuring Laura (Erana James)

The Changeover is a simple, slightly grim tale which may lack flair, but does leave you wanting more.

Dead Braque (Timothy Spall) after he is defeated.
Dead Braque (Timothy Spall)

The Changeover Ending Explained

With Laura being someone who is sensitive to magic and the other world, she is able to counter the spell Braque placed on her and, in the process of her changeover, she is able to stamp his hand. In doing so, she makes him her slave and orders him to die. Thus allowing the kids he sucked the life out of to be free, but it forced her to take him into her person – into the deep recesses of her being.

But, her first taste of magic is just a warmup. In exchange for her innocence, she says, she is able to bring Jacko back to life, after Braque drained the life out of him. Which, strangely, Kate doesn’t question, even though Jacko was in the morgue – long taken away. Though, considering Laura’s dad was sensitive like she is, and talked about it, maybe Kate is a believer now.

The Changeover Title Explained

Laura is what is known as a “sensitive,” or someone who feels deeply and can become a witch. The changeover is the process of going from sensitive to a witch.

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