Terminal – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Terminal's movie title in neon lights.
33.33% (2)

Sadly, Terminal is the type of film which seemingly believes it is much smarter than you and has a mystery which doesn’t quickly unravel.

Director(s)Vaughn Stein
Screenplay ByVaughn Stein
Date Released5/11/2018
Genre(s)Action, Crime, Noir
Noted Actors
AnnieMargot Robbie
Mr. Franklin/Clinton/SuperMike Myers
VinceDexter Fletcher
AlfredMax Irons
BillSimon Pegg


A young woman, Annie, who seemingly has as many jobs as a girl can have, decides to get involved in the lives of four men. One, Mr. Franklin, is a bit of a mob boss, or someone who has quite the use for hitmen. The other is a school teacher named Bill, and the final two are hitmen named Vince and Alfred. Annie spends all of the movie amongst these men, oh and this super, and we learn one by one how they play into a game she has set. While wondering, will anyone catch on before it is too late?


For Those Who Like Their Margot Robbie At Harley Quinn Level Crazy, You’ll Love Her In This

Annie looking over at Vincent and Alfred.
Margot Robbie as Annie

Perhaps the main thing worth noting and seeing this for is Robbie pretty much playing a slightly demented psycho. One who loves using the words of Alice in Wonderland in conversation and seeming eager to see someone in pain, dying, or oblivious to being within her trap.


There Is Something Pretentious About This Film

You ever watch a film which, for some reason, appears to think you’d never guess the ending? That you won’t see the reveal coming and that all the games aren’t shallow as the last swallow of water in a glass? That’s Terminal for you. With the way Annie talks to certain characters, and how the story develops, more than likely you’ll get what is going on which makes when the movie decides to play certain moments back, you aren’t like, “AW YOU GOT ME!” but more so, okay now let’s move past the exposition and to something interesting please?

However, we never really get there. Robbie, as a psychopath, is interesting, don’t get me wrong, but she is placed with rather disinteresting characters that I can’t even fault the actors for. It’s strictly the writing. Vince is your usual a**hole who, in any other movie, would be a dirty cop. Alfred is naive and Bill, honestly, if the movie just focused on Bill and Annie’s relationship, things could have been a bit more interesting. Oh, and if you thought Mike Myers would bring some Jim Carrey level acting, or just be his usual comedic self? Prep to be disappointed.

Vincent noting he is bored as he waits for an assignment from Mr. Franklin.
“I’m seriously fucking bored.”

For, alas, the revenge plot had to be made elaborate and a bit overdone. Thus taking away from the silver lining and leaving us with nothing but a movie which barely touched upon its potential.

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

This didn’t look good enough to venture to New York to see and I must admit I’m regretting buying it off of Amazon now. But, then again, considering how little in the way of marketing it got, despite one of the top actresses and a comedic legend being in it, that maybe should have been a sign. Though, there is always hope that just because it wasn’t widely circulated in the news, YouTube and etc, that doesn’t mean its terrible.

Unfortunately though, in the case of Terminal, while you’ll enjoy Robbie channeling Harley Quinn’s madness, when it comes to her peers and especially the writing, they don’t bring something to match her. Hence the negative label and being told to skip this. Terminal is a real disappointment and definitely the type of movie which has a far superior trailer than the final product.

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