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Stella’s Last Weekend Ending (Spoilers)

Stella dying.

It has been a year since Jack met Violet, a dancer about a year younger than him. They hit it off at a party but then she never returned any of his calls. However, on a break from school, the week before he and his family are to euthanize their 13-year-old dog, Stella, she pops back into his life. Only now, she is dating Jack’s younger brother, by three years, Ollie.

As you can imagine, the combination of losing his dog, one of the last things which trigger strong memories of his father, combined with seeing this girl messes Jack up. Add in college isn’t going so well and it makes even the most potent weed nearly useless. Hence why, to get closure, he asks Violet what did he do? Well, the answer is, one of Violet’s peers, Cassandra, who is jealous of Violet, claimed she slept with Jake. Thus leading to her not calling Jack back.

Yet, once they learn Cassandra was lying, since she admits it, it leads to them both wondering what could have been? Much less, what to do with these feelings considering they are a year too late and now Ollie is involved? Well, for a moment both play with the idea of sneaking behind Ollie’s back, but guilt hits them like a mallet so Violet tries to at least maintain a friendship. Problem is, Jack’s feelings are a bit too intense to be around Violet and with Violet losing her virginity to Ollie, the same day she kissed Jack, it makes things way too complicated.

Sally (Polly Draper) threatening Violet over her possibly messing up her sons' brotherhood.
Sally (Polly Draper): I swear to God, I’m gonna fucking kill you.

Something that Sally tries to uncomplicate by, after smoking up with Jack, just telling him to keep his mouth shut. Then, for good measure, when sober, threatening Violet to not tear her boys apart. Albeit with a threat then a consoling hug, since she sees Violet doesn’t want to – genuinely – but a threat nonetheless. However, thanks to Violet becoming lead, rather than Cassandra, she spills the beans. Leading to the brothers fighting on the day Stella was supposed to be put down. Then, to make things worse, as the boys fight and Ollie reveals Jack is flunking out of school, Stella decides to die. Leaving them feeling guilty but, with Stella’s death, comes them coming back together.

Leading to Ollie getting the closure he needs from Violet. For, at this point, Jack is kind of done. Ollie, on the other hand, he needs answers. Thus leading to Violet talking about her parents being divorced, being an only child, and you really thinking, if it was anyone else but Singer playing Violet, this would be a bunch of BS to cover up what she did. However, Singer makes it work so what should be excuses sound like a sound foundation for the mistakes she made. Bring Ollie to the state of, not being over what she did, or them being friends, but him at least not mad at her.

Bringing us to the end where the boys just watch a video of Stella as a puppy, as they play with their new puppies, and remind themselves of what their dad sound like. For with him dying when Ollie was young, he barely remembers his voice. So, as he notes at Stella’s homegoing, losing her was worse than losing his dad in a way. Yet, in watching that video, with new puppies, rather than apart, the brothers find closure and a new beginning together.

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