While Jibaro is beautiful, it is dull enough to pause, do something else, and then return to.

Director(s) Alberto Mielgo
Screenplay By Alberto Mielgo
Date Released (Netflix) 5/20/2022
Genre(s) Action, Fantasy, Animation
Duration 17 Minutes
Content Rating TV-MA

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Film Summary

A slew of soldiers decide to rest near a body of water. That was a major mistake for a nearby siren, led many of them to drown if they didn’t kill each other. Only one survives, purely due to being deaf and thus not hypnotized by the sounds of the siren. However, they do lock eyes and interact, leaving you to wonder if this man who can’t speak may live to tell the tale of this encounter?

Things To Note

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Violence (Blood, depiction of murder)



A Deaf Character

The deaf soldier

Diversity is important way beyond skin tone (and hopefully bringing culture alongside a person’s skin tone). It’s about bringing in various life experiences in general. Whether it is showing someone who is heavyset without making them jovial or, in the case of Jibaro, a soldier who is deaf. This, for us, deserves notable applause. For on top of being deaf, you can see members of his team learned or created a form of sign language to communicate with him, and it almost makes you wish the story was more focused on him being a deaf soldier than dealing with a siren.

On The Fence

The Siren Is The Least Interesting Part Of This

Visually, watching Jibaro move is mesmerizing. But, the problem is that the best thing about Jibaro is the visuals. There isn’t a story there or a warning about there being a possible siren. She just appears, leads most of the men to kill themselves, and doesn’t understand why isn’t the deaf soldier seduced to the point of suicide?

The Siren standing in the water

Because of that, it almost feels like we’re taken away from a far more interesting story.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

Jibaro, while visually stunning, is also a bit disappointing. The whole siren plot feels a bit lackluster, and with nearly every short/episode preceding it being violent, it makes you wish there was a pursuit of something different with this entry in Volume III of Love Death + Robots. But, at the very least, story-wise, you must tip your hat for the entry having a deaf character since outside of A Silent Voice (also on Netflix), there isn’t a go-to alternative.

Who Is This For?

Those who like seeing fantasy creatures, especially women, cause men to kill themselves.

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An old school film reel drawn by artist Dean Nelson.

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A close up on the siren's mouth
Love Death + Robots: Jibaro (2022) – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)
While the visuals are undeniably stunning, Jibaro, unfortunately, lacks the kind of story needed to stand out amongst its peers. Well, beyond having a deaf character.
A Deaf Character
The Siren Is The Least Interesting Part Of This

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