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Last Goodbye – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Last Goodbye spends its runtime wisely to make sure its ending packs a punch.

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Director(s)Joe Massingill
Screenplay ByGuy Nardulli
Date Released9/9/2016
Genre(s)Romance, Drama
Good If You LikeWatching The End of Marriages Without Over The Top Drama
Actors Introduced
JoeGuy Nardulli
StacieStefanie Butler
AnthonyToby Grey
JaneCandice Coke


After a really bad month, it seems Joe is done. He is going to leave his wife, Stacie, for his secretary and try to have an amicable split. She’ll get the house, car, and even 30% of his business. However, despite knowing damn well why he is leaving, all she asks is for 30 days. That’s how long before their son will no longer be in school and also, she wants him to carry her downstairs. Considering his next move it seems like he is getting off lightly but why look a gifted horse in the mouth? Unbeknownst to him, those 30 days was his last chance before they both would be forced to move on.


It Does What A Lot Of Shorts Don’t – Tell A Complete Story

Stacie looking at herself, after taking off her makeup.
Stefanie Butler as Stacie.

Let’s take note most shorts due to budget, among many other issues, can’t tell a complete story. At best, they are a teaser for additional financing, like how Bag Boy is for Kin. However, it creates a complication for it makes it so you feel like you have to give each and every one lee-way because you figure, if they had the ability to make a feature film – they would have.

Yet, with The Last Goodbye, you don’t have to put that asterisk or caveat in. On its own, it tells a full story about a marriage, 10 years in, that has hit a rough patch. The kind which, between Joe growing tired or his secretary, Jane, moving in, is over. And while it isn’t clear how far Joe has gone, like if he is just emotionally cheating or physically too, it gets you in your emotions. Yet, taking note you are led to believe Stacie isn’t wallowing about teary-eyed over him, it leads you to wonder if she is going to end things with the upper hand.

Which, depending on how you look at it, she does and doesn’t. Leaving you perhaps as upset about the results as everyone else.

On The Fence

Anthony Is Lowkey Annoying

I get children have a role in films like this for they represent these two people had sex, this kid is the fabric keeping them together, and things of that nature. However, Anthony will absolutely get on your nerves. Now, maybe Anthony was as a lot of little kids are or how the director wanted him to be. I don’t know. All that I’m sure of is the less the kid did the more I was able to appreciate him being the accessory to this relationship.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

All I’m going to say is, the ending seals the deal. That is why this is being labeled positive. You may not know where this short may go but then things come together and as you go “WOW” you follow that up with, “Damn…” with a little Denzel, in Glory, tear falling down your cheek.

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  1. Amari, thank you for the positive review of our short. I am just seeing this. We all worked very hard to do just as you said tell a complete story in a short.

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