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While Kin does have an ending which makes it seem a bit like a certain action franchise, it does leave you wanting more.

Director(s) Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker
Screenplay By Daniel Casey, Jonathan Baker, Josh Baker
Date Released 8/30/2018
Genre(s) Action, Drama
Good If You Like Sci-Fi Films Which Don’t Over Do It On Technology And Visual Effects
Noted Cast
Elijah Myles Truitt
Jimmy Jack Reynor
Hal Dennis Quaid
Milly Zoë Kravitz
Taylor James Franco


14-year-old Elijah, taken from his parents when he was but months old, is going down the wrong path. One his adoptive father has already seen in his biological son Jimmy. Yet, with their part of Detroit having a terrible economy, what is a kid to really do but go into abandoned structures and try to find scrap to sell? It isn’t like Hal is giving him much of an allowance and he needs new shoes.

However, with Hal being an honest man, trying to raise one, he isn’t going to have two sons be troublemakers. Unfortunately, though, Jimmy is the type who, even when he tries to make things right, they go terribly wrong. Which leads him to leave Detroit, with Eli, and head out west. Leading them to meet Milly and discover that one of the things Elijah found was a gun. A gun which definitely is not the kind neither local gangsters or police have in their arsenal.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Kravitz doesn’t show up until around 30 minutes into the movie.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. We’re told Elijah’s parents were either neglectful or abusive. Considering the ending, could that have been a lie?


Truitt and Kravitz

Milly and Eli laughing in a hotel room.

While Reynor, as Jimmy, is what brings Eli and Milly together, it is those two as individuals, and as friends, which kind of make this movie. Eli is a good kid trying to look out for his brother and was getting scrap since, maybe, he was under the impression his dad could use the money. As for Milly, she went from an abusive situation to one she was trapped in and troubled young women? That’s Kravitz’s bread and butter. The majority of her movies feature her playing someone like that and it makes for the handful of scenes when Jimmy isn’t around, when it is just Eli and Milly, some of the sweetest. For while Eli had Hal, there is a connection there. Almost like Milly is a potential big sister, and not because she is messing around with Jimmy.

Those two don’t do much than share a bottle of alcohol.

Franco as Taylor

When Jimmy went to prison, he found himself well protected to the tune of $60,000. All of which is owed to Taylor who, like how Kravitz knows how to play the damsel in distress like it is nothing, so does Franco know how to play someone you hope gets killed. Not in a, “He makes this movie horrible” kind of way, but more so the type of character you love to hate. For while we do have two alien-like beings coming after Eli, because of the gun, they don’t do or say anything noteworthy till the end.


A Certain Death Isn’t As Impactful As It Probably Should Be

Everything is set into motion by a death and despite who dies, it lacks impact. It’s one of those things which you recognize is unfortunate but because you wasn’t really given a lot to connect with, the death just seems to be a ends to a means. Just a catalyst because the movie has to start picking up.

On The Fence

Is It Biting Or Borrowing?

A future soldier towards the end of the movie.

Now, the movie franchise that this film triggers memories of, it isn’t exactly the same. There are enough differences to say this is an original property, but one could argue this feels heavily inspired and just simply didn’t have the budget to bite, or rip off, more. But, on the other hand, take away the ending and it kills off the comparison. Yet, the ending does make this film jump up in excitement. So it is a bit of a catch-22.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Though this may not be a glowing review, it is only because to really go deep into what I liked would probably spoil quite a bit and for films I genuinely like, I try not to drop all the major points. I will say this, however, the action was satisfying, the ending presented a nice shock, which made this seem like some kind of sci-fi YA novel adaptation, and while I’m not over the moon about the character development or interaction, it was far better than expected. Heck, better than what we often get from the sci-fi genre nowadays. Including huge blockbusters.

Hence the positive label. On one hand, it is just because there isn’t a huge amount to complain about yet, on the other, it is because, as simple as this film was, it was entertaining. There are a few moments which will make you laugh, feel shocked, and with Kravitz and Franco playing to their strengths, they compensate greatly for what the film lacks. Which solely is making Jimmy and Hal truly matter.

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