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Rosy is just too simple, with a male lead who seems misplaced, to match the assumed intention of the story. Director(s) Jess Bond Screenplay By Jess Bond Date Released (VoD) 7/17/2018 Genre(s) Drama Good If You Like Kidnapping Movies Noted Actors Rosy Stacy Martin James Johnny Knoxville Doug Nat Wolff Summary The young Ms. Rosy…

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Title card for the movie Rosy.

Rosy is just too simple, with a male lead who seems misplaced, to match the assumed intention of the story.

Director(s) Jess Bond
Screenplay By Jess Bond
Date Released (VoD) 7/17/2018
Genre(s) Drama
Good If You Like Kidnapping Movies
Noted Actors
Rosy Stacy Martin
James Johnny Knoxville
Doug Nat Wolff


The young Ms. Rosy Monroe leads a rather interesting life. One in which she is highly reliant on men to take care of and validate her and that leads to her capturing the attention of James and Doug. James is a documentarian who takes to Rosy during his separation from his wife. She falls in love but for him, it seemingly is just a rebound. As for Doug? Well, for him it was love at first sight and he knew he had to have her. So, using chloroform, he knocks her out and puts her in his grandmother’s basement. Thus leading us to a movie in which it seems Doug is trying to push Rosy to gain Stockholm syndrome but isn’t sure if it will take. Meanwhile, for months, Rosy is stuck in a room going insane and wondering if anyone out there may be looking for her. Including James.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Were we seeing things out of chronological order?

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

Right now, everything is open to you, but you’re not choosing anything. You’re just waiting to be chosen. – James


The James and Rosy Story

Rosy reacting to James being jealous of a man Rosy knows.
Rosy (Stacy Martin): An ex isn’t the same as a client.

What we get from Rosy is that she is young and while her parents have some money, they don’t invest it in her. So, her wanting to be an actress? That is all self-funded and seemingly it is as a sex worker or “hooker” in James’ words. Something Rosy denies, maybe because of how that would force her to realize how desperate life has become. Yet, James is her current lover and she has nowhere really to go – so, she takes what he dishes out.

Also, with him being a documentarian and talking about how he has contacts, there is a reason to stay besides a one-sided love. For he could be the one who helps her get discovered and maybe, just maybe, one day he could fall for her! It isn’t likely, for James draws a clear line in the sand, but there seems to be hope that ocean waves may wash that away. Leading to us, for part of the movie, getting an interesting indie drama. One which pushes the idea Knoxville isn’t just a stunt actor/comedian and that, like a lot of funny people, he can tone it down and get serious – even become compelling. Yet, sadly, James’ part in the film is but what you wish was the focus.


Nat Wolff as Doug

Doug looking menacing.

I think I’ve come to the point in realizing, if Nat Wolff is the male lead and the female lead isn’t one hell of an actress, it needs to be a pass. Not because he can’t act, but he just isn’t the kind of actor who a film should ride on. As seen in Home Again and Paper Towns, when he’s supporting actor or part of an ensemble, he isn’t an issue. He doesn’t really stand out or deserve attention either, but he doesn’t bring down the film.

In Rosy, he brings down the film. For one, Rosy, the character, is split between scenes with him and James. Which leads you to compare Stacy Martin with both and, as noted, her story with Johnny Knoxville is superior. But then comes this vibe of Doug being that weird kid who shoots up a public place because he got rejected. And while I will admit Wolff does bring an unsettling vibe to Doug, he doesn’t take it anywhere. Which shouldn’t be something solely blamed on Wolff. You also have to blame the writing for never really exploring whatever is Doug’s issues. We learn his mom committed suicide and dad wasn’t around, but it is said so casually that you don’t take note of it.

Thus making it where neither Wolff nor Bond are able to bring the full weight of Doug’s issues to the character and leaving the film feeling a bit lopsided.

On The Fence

Rosy Is Just Dumb

Taking note Rosy is 5’7 and around 100 pounds, of course she can’t go against Doug hand to hand. However, considering how many weapons and sharp objects she had access to? Taking note, after she gains some freedom and is no longer in cuffs, there was so much she could have done, it’s frustrating to watch her squander opportunities to get free. Now, granted, I’ve never been in that situation so maybe I’m speaking from a very ignorant place. But, she is given so many chances to take advantage of Doug, especially when he allows himself to be vulnerable, that her not taking a single one makes you wonder how is she surviving doing the kind of work she does?

Overall: Negative (Skip It)

James upset by how bad of a waiter Doug is and the restaurant in general.
James (Johnny Knoxville): This place is ridiculous.

If the whole kidnapping, “You’d never get to know me if I didn’t do it,” storyline was cut, this may be something worth seeing. If not at least something which should be labeled as mixed. However, Between Bond’s writing of Doug and Wolff’s portrayal of him, neither does the other any favors. Hence the negative label for this film isn’t bad as much as it is frustrating. It presents you what could be an interesting film. A documentarian separated from his wife, barely seeing his daughter, yet shacked up with this 20 something who is in denial. But, instead, it focuses on this dude who rather kidnap a woman than put any real effort into trying to woo her.

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  1. Nat is an amazing actor. I grew up watching him act. I love how he portrayed the character it had like that “im a nice guy but im crazy” vibe and i felt it

    1. I’d say, compared to his recent movie with his brother, this film might have been something he was using to test himself. So maybe in the future he could ace a character like this but this first go was kind of rough. But, with most actors learning on the job, I’m trying to learn you can’t expect them to hit it off the back considering they are training and learning on camera.

  2. Disagree nat does a great job and and for the common viewer who enjoys Indie movies who have taken film classes but aren’t in the industry of being a actual credit for this kind of audience people will like it I liked it thought it was a great movie if you’re into independent films I find this review disappointing thumbs down also I like never comment on the stuff I just love love this movie so much that I decided to look it up read a little of other people’s takes but this take left a sour taste in my mouth for anyone that thinking of watching this movie do it’s a good movie I keeps you interested and trust me these days it’s hard to find that it makes you think the actors are all good and I preferred the Nat Wolff storyline personally I found the flashbacks interesting into getting to know the character better and you know what time Jump it is because when they’re at the restaurant you hear Nat Wolff talk about the broken glass so any controversy over when that took place I mean I guess you could look at it that way that it took place after but you kind of can’t considering it was his voice at the restaurant anyways no offense review are just strongly disagree with you and I don’t want you to turn people off to a really great movie and to a great female filmmaker despite having two deal with her controversial father who from what I read she’s the complete opposite of seems like she’s got a hard time in the male Department herself maybe she put a lot of that into this movie and no offense to her family relationship no matter what I would never want to disrespect somebody’s family who I don’t know or her relationship with her father but from what I read she’s trying to step away from that and I think she’s a great female filmmaker and I hope to see more to come from her

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