Title card for the movie Robin Hood.

Robin Hood (2018) seemingly just wants to take advantage of the hero’s name recognition and very little of the known story.

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Robin Hood Ending (Spoilers)

Title card for the movie Robin Hood.

How Does The Movie End For Robin

Things end for Robin with Nottingham knowing he is the identity behind hood, and him robbing the Cardinal of most of the money that was supposed to be sent to an Arabian general.

How Does The Movie End For Marian

Marian commits herself to Robin once more and runs off with him into the forest. Leaving the mines, and Will, behind.

How Does The Movie End For John

After breaking out of prison, John saves Robin before the Sheriff of Nottingham can kill him and before escaping with Robin, he hangs the Sheriff.

How Does The Movie End For Friar Tuck

With the judgment of falsehood under canon law, Friar Tuck is removed from the church but considers the act freedom. Thus allowing him to be more active in the plan he and Marian have to expose the local leadership, but not before helping Robin take all the money stolen from the Sheriff and Cardinal into the forest.

How Does The Movie End For Sheriff

He dies by being hung by John.

How Does The Movie End For Cardinal

With the former Sheriff of Nottingham failing him, the Cardinal finds someone new to appoint sheriff. Someone like the former who came from nothing, so there is hope his loyalty will be solid and he will be eternally grateful for the favor done for him.

How Does The Movie End For Will

Said person is Will. During the time Robin was assumed dead, Marian hooked up with Will, a local who has been working on building political power for years. However, with the rise of Hood, what Robin is called before he reveals himself, he becomes the one who seems to want to make peace with the lords and clergy rather than upset the established order. But, with Robin quickly rising in ranks, Will decides it is better to partner with the man than go against him.

Yet, with seeing Marian kiss him, it seems he’d rather go back to the path he set before than join them all out in the woods. Thus leading him to become the new Sheriff of Nottingham who vows to get Robin. Someone who, as a nod to his new position, fires an arrow into his, Robin’s, wanted poster. Thus hinting the film is to have a sequel.

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The Action - 80%
It Seems A Bit Too Polished - 60%
While Action Packed, It Doesn’t Compensate From A Almost Mediocre Story - 70%


While you have to applaud the action of this film, everything else is an acquired taste. Be it the fashion, story, or the way the characters are adapted, some will like it but most will just feel like watching this was something to do. Especially if you have MoviePass, A-List or another ticket subscription service.

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