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Robin Hood (2018) – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Robin Hood is a middle of the road, average movie, that seemingly just wants to take advantage of the hero’s name recognition and very little of their story.

Community Rating: 34.41% (1)


Director(s)Otto Bathurst
Written ByBen Chandler, David James Kelly
Date Released11/23/2018
Genre(s)Action, Adventure
Good If You LikeIntense Archery Battles & Horse Racing
Noted Cast
RobinTaron Egerton
MarianEve Hewson
JohnJamie Foxx
Friar TuckTim Minchin
SheriffBen Mendelsohn
CardinalF. Murray Abraham
WillJamie Dornan

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Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

Off the bat, we are told to forget what we know about Robin Hood, and in there comes the first red flag. For now Robin is a lord, with money, and Marian a thief who he comes across in his stables and falls in love with. Only to be separated from her by the Third Crusade and being sent home, 4 years later, after trying to prevent the death of John, an Arabian man’s son.

When he returns home, Marian is gone, his house is in disrepair, and he learns from his childhood friend, Friar Tuck, he was pronounced dead 2 years ago. Leading to, as John reveals himself to Robin, after stowing away on the ship from Arabia to England, Robin wanting revenge. For it was clear to him in Arabia (they don’t mention a specific locale) that something wasn’t right but now with multiple confirmations that the Sheriff, even Cardinal, are corrupt, now he plans to right the wrongs of the past. Which include getting Marian back.


The Action

Robin Hood (Taron Egerton) about to shoot an arrow.

Robin Hood (Taron Egerton)

The only thing you can truly, universally, praise about this film is the action. Archery has never looked so interesting and there is one chariot chase which reminds you why that humane society logo is on many films. For truly, the training and situations those horses had to go through might give you pause. Even if you aren’t the biggest animal lover.


It Seems A Bit Too Polished

When it comes to the attire, injuries, and even Robin’s decrepit house, nothing seems real. Robin gets shot in the chest, leg, and stomach, to the point of bleeding, but it doesn’t stop him strenuous activities. He gets to go full Rambo and despite all the people he kills, tumbles he takes and more, there is barely any sign on his clothes the hell he has been through. Though, attire-wise, things are a bit strange. Granted, I’m not a historian, but from the poor to rich, the style of Nottingham certainly seems off. Maybe it is because everything looks like it was made in modern times and little effort was made to make it look historically accurate? Perhaps it is because I’m so used to a more rugged takes on Robin Hood that this one which looks like a Young Adult novel adaptation throws me off?

Hard to say.

On The Fence

While Action Packed, It Doesn’t Compensate From A Almost Mediocre Story

Nothing really about the non-action parts will keep your attention. Remixing Little John to be this Arabian man who wants to end the Third Crusade, and avenge his son, doesn’t bring anything interesting to the film. Making Robin Hood be this rich lord who lost everything, and thus decided to take it all back, in service to the people, doesn’t really give you anything you want to latch onto.

Marian (Eve Hewson) smiling at Robin.

Marian (Eve Hewson)

Then, when it comes to Marian, as much as I like a leading lady with spunk, for a lack of a better term, there is something about her which seems fabricated. What I mean by that is, she seems made to be liked rather than be an actual, three-dimensional, person. For with her greatest flaw being that she moved on after assuming Robin died, she comes off so shallow.

Overall: Negative (Acquired Taste)

You wanna know what’s funny? This film is set up to have a sequel. Making it seem someone thought it was good. But the problem is with Robin Hood is that it seemingly wants to be like a comic book adaptation. It wants to be an origin story like you haven’t seen before, that plays around with the story you’re familiar with. Robin Hood wants the barely noteworthy love interest, the sage mentor, and the kid who is slightly a fish out of water with a charming sense of humor. Problem is, no one knows or probably asked for that Robin Hood.

Hence the negative label. While you have to applaud the action of this film, everything else is an acquired taste. Be it the fashion, story, or the way the characters are adapted, some will like it but most will just feel like watching this was something to do. Especially if you have MoviePass, A-List or another ticket subscription service.

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