Long Weekend (2021) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Long Weekend (2021)

Despite being a theatrical release, something about Long Weekend feels very much like a VoD release that somehow snuck into theaters.

Director(s)Stephen Basilone
Screenplay ByStephen Basilone
Date Released (Theatrical)3/11/2021
Genre(s)Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Duration1 Hour, 31 Minutes
Noted Cast
BartFinn Wittrock
Vienna              Zoe Chao
DougDamon Wayans Jr.

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Film Summary

After a hellacious year, Bart struggled to get his life back together, but, thankfully, his best friend Doug initiated the healing process. Making the sudden appearance of Vienna seem to be maybe too early in Bart’s recovery, but with her being weird and whimsical, she may just end up being the final thing needed to turn Bart’s life around.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Cursing, drinking, and sexual situations
  • Jump Scares/ Laughs/ Tear-Jerking Moments: N/A



The Charms of Zoe Chao

Vienna (Zoe Chao) looking into the distance
Vienna (Zoe Chao)

The driving force that keeps you entertained by Long Weekend is Zoe Chao. As seen in Love Life, Chao can handle her own as a lead – she just needed the opportunity. And let me tell you, she showed up, showed out, and made it clear that this shouldn’t be the last time she is the lead in anything. Be it a romantic lead, in a drama, or even sci-fi. For that’s sort of the weird element here – Vienna claims to be from the future, and you’re left to wonder if this is true or not.

Which, honestly, Chao works so hard to make you fall for Vienna, you eventually don’t care. In fact, you are almost split between wanting her to be from the future and maybe coming to the past to be with Bart in some overtly strange way. If not, as Bart was in the hospital or getting therapy, Vienna following him since she figures he would understand.

And as you are continuously led to question is Vienna losing it for real, or because of the reasons she says, it draws you more and more into her story and makes Bart almost into an interchangeable love interest.

How It Handled Bart’s Breakdown

When it comes to the depiction of mental health in films, it can be hit or miss, but with Bart, it was respectful. He lost two major people in his life, wasn’t working, and between emotional and financial strain, you can imagine him getting into a deeply rooted depression. Of which you have to love that Doug not only helped him but encouraged him to seek help, and we got a sense of the various things Bart had to do to maintain his health.

Not to forget, as Bart got confused and bewildered by Vienna, he was also open and honest about his journey and his needs because she was starting to add to his stress. For us, him speaking about this and Vienna listening, it created an honest, and albeit ideal, depiction of what it means to be communicative about your mental health, needs, and how that person has the ability to affect you.


Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

The reason we say Long Weekend comes off like a VoD release is that it seems too weird to get a wide release. It has a minimal class, damn near comes off like an indie, and its story is about this girl who claims she is from the future falling for this guy on the mend from two major life events.

But despite the connotation some may get from saying this seems like a VoD release, this gets a positive label for both of its leads shine, their romance is cute, it handles Bart’s mental health with respect, and it is entertaining.

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The Charms of Zoe Chao - 85%
How It Handled Bart's Breakdown - 83%


despite the connotation some may get from saying this seems like a VoD release, this gets a positive label for both of its leads shine, their romance is cute, it handles Bart's mental health with respect, and it is entertaining.

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