Title Card of Pimp (2018)

PIMP is all about image and lacks the kind of complexity you want it to have to make it something easy to defend.

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PIMP (2018) Ending (Spoilers)

Wednesday (Keke Palmer) saying goodbye to Nikki as she dies.
Wednesday (Keke Palmer): I love you, Nikki

How Does The Movie End For Wednesday

After trying to steal Destiny from Kenny, her very violent and crazy pimp, she dies in a shootout with her guys and his people. But, at the very least she dies next to her beloved Nikki.

How Does The Movie End For John

John dies of an overdose while getting high with Mae.

How Does The Movie End For Nikki

After killing Kenny before he can kill Wednesday, well, finish her off, she dies next to Wednesday.

How Does The Movie End For Mae

With revealing to Wednesday she doesn’t love her, rather than have Mae come with her and Nikki, as they try to escape Kenny’s wrath for killing one of his guys, she leaves her in prison.

How Does The Movie End For Destiny

Well, that isn’t revealed to us. We know she definitely played Wednesday and left her to almost be beat up and raped. Also, it is undeniable that she is the reason Wednesday and Nikki end up dead. However, how is life for Destiny with all of Kenny’s people killed and Wednesday gone? We can only assume she is happy that now someone isn’t trying to take her money after she works hard for it. So, just consider Destiny a femme fatale of sorts.

How Does The Movie End For Kenny

With Wednesday killing one of his boys, who was just supposed to beat her up, but tried to rape her, he is forced to retaliate. So when Wednesday and her people, including Nikki, try to escape, he cuts them off and tries to eliminate them all. Problem is, Wednesday’s people are decent shooters so Kenny is forced to get involved. Leaving it seemingly just him and Wednesday when it is all over but then Nikki kills him. Unfortunately though, she got shot when the bullets started flying so she hasn’t the strength to get her and Wednesday to the hospital.

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