Mirai is a touching story about one boy learning to appreciate his family and, essentially, learning that he needs to stop being a brat.

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Mirai’s Ending (Spoilers)

Mirai (Victoria Grace) with a animal cookie over her upper lip.
Mirai (Victoria Grace)

How Does The Movie End

After running away, over not being able to wear his yellow shorts, Mirai ends up in a dark and scary train station with a nutcracker like conductor. One who nearly sends him to a place for lost children on this scary bullet train. However, Kun fights his way off and when he finally seems to break the pull it has, he spots Mirai. Someone also being drawn in but then he saves her and big Mirai shows up. Thus leading to a bit of a recap of all we see in the movie from great grandpa winning over their great grandma, Yukko being separated from his mom, and so much more.

The montage ends with Kun in teenaged Mirai’s time by accident and her saying goodbye before he goes back to his time. One that he decides to make the most of by not being such a nuisance, nicer to his sister, and appreciative of the family he has. At least until he becomes the moody teenager we see.

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