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Mid90s – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari

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Mid90s Summary (Spoilers)

Stevie (Sunny Suljic) talking to Ruben.

Stevie (Sunny Suljic)

Sometime in 1995, we are introduced to a young man named Stevie. He is 13 and lives with his 16 to 18-year-old brother Ian and also his mom Dabney. Someone who, while Ian was growing up, was in no way like the woman she is today. Back then she would smoke and was an active sex worker. Something which she may still very well be today, but is much more discrete about it. To the point Stevie doesn’t really know about it. All he knows is that Ian doesn’t like him very much. Partly because Stevie got the mom he didn’t get and because Stevie is naturally drawn to his big brother. So, of course, he is all up in his stuff.

However, with being constantly rejected, often to the point of bruises, Stevie eventually gets the hint and looks elsewhere. Thus leading him to discover Ray, Fuckshit, Fourth Grade, and Ruben. The last name mentioned, Ruben, decides to extend an invitation to Stevie, perhaps seeing himself a bit in the kid, and thus Stevie joins the group. Something which is cool with Ruben since Stevie is like a little brother he can mold in his image. However, as Stevie shows he isn’t like Ruben, i.e. not an ass****, everyone takes to him a bit more and this frustrates Ruben.

It gets worse though as Stevie really tries to prove he belongs and Ray takes notice of him. Even giving him a free board, which Ruben was never offered. Problem is, with Fuckshit also being part of the group, and privileged as hell, while he maybe why Fourth Grade, who we’re told is poor, has a video camera, he is also part of the reason Stevie ends up smoking weed and possibly developing a drinking problem. Albeit, he is also the reason Stevie goes to third base with a girl, but there comes a point where you see Stevie at a crossroad.

Stevie (Sunny Suljic) after being part of the crew for a while.

Stevie (Sunny Suljic)

At this crossroad, you can see Stevie going one of two ways. With his willingness to take risk, and stick-to-itiveness, he could become like Ray. Someone on their way to the pros as long as he keeps himself in check. However, he could also become like Fuckshit and while show he is talented, seemingly waste said talent in the pursuit of getting inebriated and having sex with girls.

In the end, it isn’t clear which way Stevie may end up but with Fuckshit getting them into an accident, because he was drinking and driving, you can only hope Stevie may stick with Ray. The one who, with him losing a brother to someone hitting him with a car, seems to desire not losing someone else. Especially this sweet kid named Stevie.

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