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How To Get Over a Breakup - Title Card
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How To Get Over a Breakup does drag a bit at times but, depending on if you are going through a breakup, it might be just what you need.

Director(s) Joanna Lobardi, Bruno Ascenzo
Written By Maria Jose Osorio
Date Released ?
Genre(s) Romance, Drama
Good If You Like Movies Which Can Be Very Relatable

Films About Average People

Noted Cast
Matias Andres Salas
Maria Gisela Ponce de Leon
Santiago Christopher Von Uckermann
Natalia Karina Jordan
Carolina Jely Reategui

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Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

After 6 years together, Maria is broken up with over Skype by Matias. This leads her world to go into a tailspin for she had adapted so much to him being happy and thus them happy she has set aside a lot. One of the main things being her writing. Making it so, after tears and a bit of alcohol, she finds herself again. Though, not without the ghost of Matias haunting her.

Luckily, thanks to a roommate named Carolina, her male best friend Santiago, and best friend – period – Natalia, she gathers the strength to move on.

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

Einstein said that life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you always need to move ahead.
— Carolina


It’s Rooted In Such A Way A Lot of Romance Films Aren’t

Maria (Gisela Ponce de Leon) looking upset
Maria (Gisela Ponce de Leon)

While Maria is noted to be someone lucky enough to inherit a nice house, it is established that maintaining that house is so expensive she pretty much has to live with someone. That and rely on cheap labor whenever possible. So while it pushes her slightly into a privileged role, they make sure she seems more so lucky than another posh girl with relationship problems.

Which you end up thankful for because Maria is the kind of character you could easily identify with. She is just the right amount of dramatic when it comes to her breakup and how she handles it doesn’t make you cringe but think, “I’ve been there girl.” Especially as she is dealing with her memories, thoughts of Matias haunting her, and the way he sort of plays with her emotions to the point of coming off like an f*** boy.

It doesn’t end there though. Natalia, Maria’s best friend, is dealing with comparing where her life is to her rival, and to compete with her professionally, she sacrificed her personal life. I’m talking, despite how flirtatious Santiago is with her, she just curves him. All in an effort to make it ahead because she has calls in China, and so much going on that she’d have to work at being with someone.

Giving us quite a few characters that, if you can’t identify with them, you know someone just like them and feel the need to point out someone to say, “Hey, see that? That’s you right there. Learn from this!”

On The Fence

It Drags After Awhile – Probably Because No One Has That Notable Personality

Caroline (Jely Reategui) being weird.
Caroline (Jely Reategui): There’s a full moon today, people get weird.

Having relatable, perhaps what can be considered normal, characters comes as a double-edged sword. On one hand, you can relate to Maria and Natalia’s issues, including Maria having a bigot for a boss, depending on your situation. However, if you can’t relate to them, even if you bring in Carolina, Maria’s eccentric roommate, you may find yourself bored with this movie.

Especially since there aren’t any real deep conversations or moments which just hit you in the gut. We just get tiny revelations which are good enough for you to appreciate, but certainly don’t leave you in awe. This includes Carolina trying to coddle Maria as Natalia keeps it a little bit too real.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

The best thing about How To Get Over a Breakup is also arguably its worse. With keeping the movie without theatrics, lacking advice that seems too perfect to just randomly come out someone’s mouth, and us seeing people just slowly grow, the movie can seem boring. Making you really feel the 8 or so months the movie covers in an hour and a half.

Hence the mixed label. In the constant pursuit of balancing out the everyday woman with what is needed to make an exciting feature, How To Get Over a Breakup perhaps goes to what may be considered an extreme. Something which some may appreciate while others may see it as lacking the kind of oomph which you can commit to for 90 minutes.

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