Let It Snow (2019) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

77.78% (10)

Let It Snow will certainly warm you up a little bit, but something about it seems very formulaic, and that keeps it from having holiday magic.

Director(s) Luke Snellin
Screenplay By Laura Solon, Victoria Strouse. Kay Cannon
Date Released (Netflix) 11/8/2019
Genre(s) Romance, Holiday, Comedy
Good If You Like
  • Cheesy Romance
  • Teen Focused Films
  • Large Ensemble Cast With Loosely, If Not Completely Unconnected, Stories
Noted Cast
Tobin Mitchell Hope
Duke (Angie) Kiernan Shipka
JP Matthew Noszka
Stuart Shameik Moore
Julie Isabela Merced
Dorrie Liv Hewson
Kerry Anna Akana
Keon Jacob Batalon
Tin Foil Woman Joan Cusack

Let It Snow Ending Explained, Recapped and Spoiled

Pretty much, everyone gets a happy ending. Tobin and Duke get together, Addie ends up with JP, Dorrie ends up with Kerry, and Stuart and Julie have a happy ending as well. Also, Keon gets his party. Leaving the only thing we don’t get is the answer to why the Tin Foil woman wears Tin Foil.


Is A Sequel Possible?

Like most of the films like this, they could do a sequel. Most of the people seemingly aren’t in college yet and that means they could easily focus on graduation, college, or things of that nature.

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