Netflix’s Atypical – Collected Quotes & .Gifs

Atypical title card
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In this post, you’ll find quotes from the Netflix series Atypical and .gifs we created.

Season 1

Episode 1

I’m always mean to people I like. I think it’s ‘cause I expect so much.

Season 2

Episode 4

Sometimes you have to lie to get by.
— Casey

Episode 8

[…] sometimes I feel like we focus so much on what’s difficult that we forget to celebrate our accomplishments.
— Ms. Whitaker

Season 3

Episode 1

The thing is the obstacles weren’t really obstacles. They were usually just other people living in the world. Which can sometimes feel very problematic.
— Sam

Episode 3

[let] the people in your life have the space to come to you.
— Julia

Episode 6

The best caretakers are the ones who weren’t cared for themselves.
— Elsa

[…] the essence of anything is the thing that stays true about them in any situation.
— Sam

Episode 9

If you have a heart, you’re political
— Professor Shinerock

Collected .Gifs

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Atypical title card

Netflix’s Atypical – Collected Quotes & .Gifs

In this post, you'll find quotes from the Netflix series Atypical and .gifs we created.
Evan saying "Hi."

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