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Pollux (2018) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)

by Amari

In a town plagued by the closure of a major factory employer, a handful of boys are trying to make money to maintain some sense of normalcy.

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Director(s)Michaël Dichter
Screenplay ByMichaël Dichter, Marie Monge
Date Released8/13/2021
Where Can You Watch?Video On Demand
Genre(s)Crime, Drama, Young Adult, Non-English
Duration23 Minutes
RatingNot Rated
Noted Cast
MaxMaximilien Decorse
VivianVivian Oudin
TomTom-Eliott Fosse-Taurel

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Film Summary

With the closing of what was considered a profitable factory, a community is up in arms and protesting. While this happens, some of the kids, specifically Max, Vivian, and Tom, are looking for ways to go to a summer camp they are accustomed to. However, with having to steal and rob people to make a way, so comes the question if they may ever see that summer camp considering the extent of work they have to do and the people they’ll have to deal with?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Cursing, minor violence (fights)

Cast & Character Guide

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.

Max (Maximilien Decorse)

With a brother in prison, Max already has a reputation. One he doesn’t care about, just as he doesn’t care about going to camp over the summer, for he has bigger things to worry about.

Vivian (Vivian Oudin)

The factory closing, and that meaning no camp, is throwing Vivian into a meltdown. Hence he acts as the ring leader in getting his friends to steal and do whatever so they can go to camp.

Tom (Tom-Eliott Fosse-Taurel)

With Tom’s mother the head of the group trying to save the factory, he is less inclined to steal and do what’s necessary to go to summer camp. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t join his friends in their fun.

Review/ Commentary


A Complicated Friendship

Tom (Tom-Eliott Fosse-Taurel), Vivian (Vivian Oudin), and Max (Maxililien Decorse) riding bikes

Tom (Tom-Eliott Fosse-Taurel), Vivian (Vivian Oudin), and Max (Maxililien Decorse)

When it comes to Tom, Max, and Vivian, it isn’t clear how things were when they were good, but at this point, their relationship might be based on trauma bonding. They all come from a poor neighborhood where work is scarce, pay is piss, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. However, there is strength in numbers, and that keeps them together.

Yet, with it being clear, some have more than others and may not appreciate it, and some aren’t willing to fight as hard over what little the community has, never mind the individual, there are fractures. Add in adults with thug mindsets who lure easy money over the boys’ heads; it causes understandable drama. After all, each one has a different priority, and when your priorities aren’t in line, it causes friction.

Which is probably why things turned out how they did.


Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

It’s the fact that we don’t see that long-lasting trauma bond here for me. Yes, are all three boys going through it? Absolutely. But with varying priorities and no desire to swear absolute loyalty to Vivian and his desires, there is a splinter that, as it grows, you get more and more invested. To the point, you’re just waiting to see how things explode and if there will be the usual reconciliation or if that is it for the three amigos.

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Max (Maximilien Decorse) watching Vivian try to rob someone
Pollux (2018) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)
Who Is This For?
Those who like to see a friendship under pressure and to watch it be tested again and again.
A Complicated Friendship

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