Films that either received a limited release or are released digitally, but not as part of a major streaming distributor.

Breathe (2024) Movie Review

In this post-apocalyptic tale, Milla Jovovich continues to show she is one of the top action stars out there, but the writing and story don’t deserve her.

Asleep In My Palm (2024) Movie Review

“Asleep In My Palm” is one of those movies that drop you into a character’s life, doesn’t make much of a push to catch you up, and instead leans towards you seeing someone as they are.

Good One – Movie Review and Summary

In a movie that may have more scenes of landscapes and walking than dialog, viewers are pushed to notice the subtle shift in dynamics between a father, daughter, and the father’s odd friend.

Mickey Hardaway (2023) – Movie Review and Summary

The film ‘Mickey Hardaway,’ is a thought-provoking narrative that showcases the poignant themes of mental health, its associated stigmas, and the mutable power of resilience, making it a must-watch for fans of deeply moving indie flicks.

A Brush of Violence (2023) – Review/ Summary

Intense in every which way the word can be used, “A Brush of Violence” hits hard, doesn’t overstay its welcome, and leaves you wondering what Daniel Lawrence Wilson may produce next.

Disquiet (2023) – Review/ Summary

“Disquiet” gives “Angels of Death” vibes, as we watch a man try to escape a hospital with monsters who all want to kill him and some who may be friends or foes.