Happy Death Day 2U (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

Happy Death Day 2U - Title Card
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Happy Death Day 2U may feel like an unnecessary sequel, but it is nevertheless a fun time.

Director(s) Christopher Landon
Written By Christopher Landon
Date Released 2/13/2019
Genre(s) Horror, Comedy, Thriller
Good If You Like Horror Movies Which Also Act As Decent Comedies

Movies Which Remix Previously Released Movies In The Franchise And Act as A “What If?”

Isn’t For You If You Don’t Like Movies Which Are Cash Grabs
Noted Cast
Ryan Phi Vu
Tree Jessica Rothe
Lori Ruby Modine
Samar Suraj Sharma

Happy Death Day 2U Plot Summary

At first, it seems that Ryan is going to become the star of the movie for he somehow ended up restarting the loop. A loop which seemingly was closed for eight months. However, then Ryan does something which throws Tree into a loop but within a different timeline. Due to this, Lori isn’t the killer, and Tree is forced to try to figure out who the killer is to hopefully end the loop. But, one major complication leads Tree to question whether or not she wishes to leave this timeline as it has something her timeline doesn’t. Thus creating a major conundrum.


The Only Horror/Comedy Which Does Right By Both Genres

Usually, when a horror movie decides to have comedic elements, it either veers towards the best of the Child’s Play franchise, once Tiffany got involved, or when Glinda was introduced. However, Happy Death Day 2U figures a way to use Rothe’s comedic abilities to balance out her various deaths, either by suicide or being killed. But, with the added benefit of new characters, like Samar, she gets some help in keeping the film gory but also comical at times.

It May Get You A Little Bit Emotional

Tree (Jessica Rothe) smiling in Happy Death Day 2U.
Tree (Jessica Rothe)

As noted, Tree comes across a conundrum since the timeline she enters is so different from hers and one specific aspect makes it hard for her to want to go back. This thing, and the effect it has on Tree, may get you a little teary-eyed. For it becomes clear that Tree, as she and Ryan work on a solution to the loop, will have to decide what she is willing to sacrifice once the loop is closed. A decision she doesn’t make easily and creates a surprisingly touching moment for a film which doesn’t seek to be taken too seriously.


The Potential Sequel

The film has a mid-credit scene which hints to a sequel and just like this movie didn’t necessarily need to be made, what could be the end of the trilogy sure as hell doesn’t need a budget allocated to it.

On The Fence

This Film Didn’t Feel Necessary

Pretty much Happy Death Day 2U is one huge “What If?” movie. One which changes the killer from the storyline we knew, the motive and the only thing which boosts this film is the addition of one particular character. But, even with that addition, this film will feel like they are milking the fact the first movie only cost $5 million yet made over $125 million at the box office. Meaning, they are likely hoping for easy money once again.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Purchase, Rent, Get Tickets, or Merchandise On (Fandango/ Amazon)

The Killer stalking the protagonist.

Happy Death Day 2U is by no means a necessary sequel that moves things forward. It is a bit of a cash grab but, despite that being obvious, it is still a fun time. It is comical, has new kills, a new villain for you to theorize about, and arguably it does flesh out a few characters from the original, like Ryan, and gives them their moment in the sun.

Leading to why the positive label: Once you set aside how clearly this movie is just a remix of the first one, you’ll likely find yourself enjoying it. Especially as you come to realize Lori isn’t the killer, you got a new one to figure out, and while not rolling on the floor funny, it is still a very funny movie, and franchise. One which seemingly wants to produce another sequel, which would be beating a dead horse, but let’s hope the news isn’t true about what they may decide to do in what I can only imagine would be called Happy D3ath Day 3.

Thoughts On Ending, And How It Plays Into Overall Rating, Will Be Released Wednesday In A Separate Post

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Happy Death Day – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)


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