Goldie (2020) – Review, Summary (with Spoilers)

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In this coming of age tale, as with many set in an urban area, everything is about that one chance to make it and if things don’t come together, the worst happening.

Director(s) Sam De Jong
Screenplay By Sam De Jong
Date Released (Video on Demand) 2/21/2020
Genre(s) Adventure, Crime, Drama, Young Adult
Duration 1 Hour, 28 Minutes
Noted Cast
Goldie Slick Woods
Richard Gbenga Akinnagbe
Carol Marsha Stephanie Blake
Supreme Jazmyn Dorsey
Sherrie Alana Tyler-Tompkins
Eli George Sample III
Princess Shaquila Angela Griszell
José Jose Rodriguez
Janet Edwina Findley

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

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Plot Summary/ Review (Ending Spoilers & Sequel Potential on the 2nd Page)

18-year-old Goldie hasn’t necessarily had the easiest life. Her father, Richard, she knows where he lives and can talk to him, but he isn’t an active member of her life. Her mother, Carol, is trying to make ends meet, but struggles. And with two younger sisters, Supreme and Sherrie, to say her mom has a lot to deal with would be an understatement. However, upon an incident early in the film, Goldie is forced to take on the responsibility of looking out for her sisters as she tries to set up herself a career in entertainment.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened between Richard and Carol?


Goldie’s Journey

Goldie (Slick Woods) early in the film "Goldie"
Goldie (Slick Woods)

While Goldie’s story is by no means a happy one, it reminds you of the hope and joy which comes from thinking you have options, that you’ll have opportunities, and that you won’t be swallowed by where you grew up. Which isn’t to say it isn’t made clear from her relationship to José to her father seemingly not being in her life, there are dark clouds in the distance. Yet, to see Goldie smile, aspire for something, hustle to get it, and know when to persevere and when to walk away, there is a beautiful mix of joy and aspiration and that coming of age element you don’t get to see too many Black girls experience since usually they aren’t focused on.

And that is perhaps one of the best parts of the film. For while Goldie’s story doesn’t represent every and any Black girl, there is something about knowing this is a very specific experience, and it is that of a young Black woman that you have to appreciate. Not the struggle, not the way the film ends, but that Goldie is shown to be an entire human being. One who isn’t made out to be a statistic, some hood chick or whatever. Goldie is aware of one way to survive and is trying to do better than that and thrive. Which is the key to you watching to the end, the hope her dreams come true before the credits roll, or at least being told things got better.

Establishing Goldie’s Community

Throughout the film, we’re introduced to a litany of characters ranging from one of Goldie’s high school teachers, a friend from work, a guy who works on music videos, and so much more. In seeing these people, all with different looks and vibes, you get a real sense of the area Goldie grew up in. Also, with characters like Eli, Princess, and others being people who exist, they are given the ability to be seen as human beings. Ones that, yes, may seem annoying, have a sordid past or aren’t necessarily thriving right now, but just as Goldie is allowed to be flawed yet deserving of better, the same love is given to nearly all the characters.


Advised For Those Who Like:

  1. Urban stories featuring Black people
  2. Coming of age stories featuring Black women

Would Watch Again? – One and Done

Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

“Goldie” may not be worth putting on a pedestal, but there is no denying Slick Woods, alongside Sam De Jong gave us an authentic young woman, in a very real world, whose story wasn’t meant to be sunshine, daisies, and without realism. And it is in deciding to not handhold and clue you into Goldie’s struggles that leads to this getting the positive label. Overall, “Goldie” presents a simple but effective story that gets you emotionally invested and hoping for the best despite the many possibilities of the worst possibly happening.

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