Cam – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Cam, as interesting as it is, leaves one thing out which may make or break the film for you.

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Title card for the movie Cam.

Cam Ending (Spoilers)

Emily (Madeline Brewer), a new persona of Alice.
Emily (Madeline Brewer)

How Does The Movie End For Alice/ Lola

Alice gets to expose her AI counterpart in a battle of wits and even delete her hacked account. However, not learning her lesson, she decides, rather than invest all the money she made, just coming up with a new persona and starting from the bottom again. For easy money is easy money.

How Does The Movie End For Jordan

After his sister gets exposed at his birthday party, Jordan becomes distant becomes distant from Alice. Especially since now people write “Whore House” on his home.

How Does The Movie End For Arnold/ Tinker

With Alice learning that Arnold has been masturbating to the AI, also trying to pretend he cares about her, just to seem like her knight in shining armor, she exits his life. After all, his main goal was just trying to turn a virtual relationship into a real one and when the real one wasn’t moving fast enough, guess what he resorted back to? Exactly.

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