Bodied – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Bodied Ending (Spoilers)

Adam (Calum Worthy) and Behn (Jackie Long) in a elevator.
Adam (Calum Worthy) and Behn (Jackie Long)

It all began Adam just wanting to do his Master’s thesis on battle rapping and the use of the N-word. However, as he does his research, by just watching events with his girl Maya, he finds himself drawn into the action. First by hanging out with a battle rapper named Behn (real name Osiris), and then taking on this white boy. From there, Behn takes note of Adam, who is an English major by the way, and mentors him. Leading to Adam’s style being taken note of – but not just in the battle rap community.

On the flip side there is Maya and her pretentious friends who are so absorbed and who is critiquing someone’s exhibition of an -ism, an -ist, or some kind of phobia, they barely recognize what they say and do. To the point that, if they get called out, they overcompensate to make up for it. Leading to this hilarious journey of Adam going from observer to participant, while the movie addresses the idea of culture vultures, and somehow the two things not clashing as much as they compliment each other.

Which isn’t to say Adam living in the two worlds is smooth. Him being white is often used as fodder when he goes against anyone and after a certain point, he gets scheduled to go against Behn. Someone who is with him through Maya breaking up with him, amongst other stuff, and over $5,000, and their egos, their friendship goes to hell. For with Behn hitting Adam with some quality jabs, Adam goes ballistic. I’m talking about bringing up all Behn has said he doesn’t put out there for it’s private.

Take, for example, Adam using Behn’s daughter, Grace, having Cystic Fibrosis as part of one of his disses. It goes that far and makes it where, while Adam is treated as one of the greatest white battle rappers around, he ultimately loses the man who put him on in the process. Yet, with him beating this big time battle rapper Megaton, and losing a tooth in the process, no one can tell him s***.

Something that comes at the perfect time for battle rapping, thanks to Maya exposing him, led to Adam being kicked out of school and ending up homeless.

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