Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Ending Explained (Spoilers)

A picture of Jerome F. Davies' original Bandersnatch manuscript.

It’s clear from the get-go that Stefan is taking medication because he is prone to hallucinations and thus needs therapy and drugs to have some form of normalcy. That makes it clear that you can only have a handful of endings. Most of which likely are influenced by Colin drugging you (if you choose to follow him and not go directly to see Dr. Haynes), you going off your meds, and the pressure to complete a video game within two months. Something that, depending on your decisions, you nearly get done.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are some of the endings.

  1. If you decide that you are going to allow Thankur to develop your game in-house, you get a 0/5 rating, but you are alive, your dad is alive, and everything is fine.
  2. There are multiple endings, most of which won’t lead to the credits, where you destroy the computer and all your hard work.
  3. After Colin drugs you, there is an option for you to jump off the balcony and die.
  4. In one ending, this is assuming you reveal to Stefan Netflix is controlling him, you’ll get to see either Stefan, Mike – the actor, forget he is on a movie set or him have a fight scene with his therapist and dad which is just, ridiculous in the best way.
  5. There is a path for you to die with your mom if you let Colin jump, don’t reveal Netflix to Stefan, yet pursue the idea your dad is watching you and choose “Toy” over Pac.
  6. Multiple endings seem to deal with killing your father. From the Reddit link on the first page, it seems one of the paths will even lead you to have a 5-star game.

Notable Turning Points Discovered

Robin (Paul Bradley) giving Bandersnatch a rare five star rating.
Robin (Paul Bradley): My rating is five stars out of five. Magnificent.
  1. Whether or not you follow Colin, when your dad forces you to see Dr. Haynes will decide if he will be seen throughout the movie or not.
    1. If you choose to not follow Colin, you’ll lose access to some of the passwords which can be used for your father’s file cabinet. Also, it will make it so Stefan is far less paranoid when dealing with his dad, and therapist, and thinking about conspiracy theories.
  2. Killing your father, early on, also is a major turning point. I’m not sure if this only comes if you don’t follow Colin though.
    1. To get the five-star game ending: Don’t talk about your mom to Dr. Haynes, don’t follow Colin, kill your dad, and chop him up (if you don’t chop him up, you can head onto a storyline about killing Thakur).
      1. Doing this ending will lead you to what almost feels like a true ending as you meet Pearl, Colin’s daughter, who, in the future, tries to remake your game after it is pulled off shelves (since you murdered your father).
      2. Ran through the movie again and you can still get the 5 star rating if you follow Colin, and let him jump off roof. It seems the key is chopping up your dad, truly going mad, for the 5 star Bandersnatch ending.

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  1. Avatar of Alex

    The therapist said it best. If this is entertainment, shouldn’t they have made it more interesting? Which was of course followed by the most entertaining scene in the episode.

    The white rabbit (Donnie Darko) ending was a bit interesting too, though ultimately unfulfilling.

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