Bird Box: Barcelona (2023) – Movie Review and Summary

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“Birdbox Barcelona” navigates a hauntingly captivating journey of survival, illusion, and redemption, where love, faith, and human resilience are tested against a backdrop of dystopian horror and suspense.

Director(s) David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Screenplay By David Pastor, Àlex Pastor
Based On Spin-Off of “Bird Box
Date Released (Netflix) July 28, 2023
Genre(s) FantasyHorrorThrillerYoung Adult, Psychological
Film Length 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Content Rating Rated R
Noted Characters and Cast
Sebastian Mario Casas
Isabel Lola Dueñas
Padre Esteban Leonardo Sbaraglia
Anna Alejandra Howard
Sofia Naila Schuberth
Claire Georgina Campbell

Film Recap

This content contains spoilers.

Primarily rooted in the emotional odyssey of a father, Sebastian, and his experiences with his daughter Anna, both pre and post her encounter with the mysterious entities, this film unfolds in the backdrop of Barcelona. Sebastian’s journey, layered with innocence and delusion, navigates a complex maze of reality and illusion, ultimately culminating in a perceived afterlife reunion with his beloved daughter. Throughout this narrative, his convictions are significantly challenged and molded through a series of profound interactions with characters like Claire and a child, Sofia, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his daughter.

What Is “Bird Box Barcelona” Rated And Why?

“Bird Box Barcelona” is Rated R because:

  • Dialog: Mild
  • Violence: Blood, mutilated bodies, depictions of graphic suicide
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: Heavy religious depictions

Character Descriptions


Bird Box Barcelona, directed by David Pastor and Alex Pastor, 2023, (Netflix)
“Sebastian (Mario Casas),” Bird Box Barcelona, directed by David Pastor and Alex Pastor, 2023, (Netflix)

Embodied as a young professional with an unshakeable faith in God and an immeasurable love for his daughter, Sebastian’s character plunges into an abyss of madness following the tragic loss of Anna. His profound affection for her is palpable throughout the narrative, particularly as he struggles to protect her, even posthumously. His transition into a ‘seer’ further complicates his role as he oscillates between being the predator and the protector within the labyrinthine streets of Barcelona.


Anna, the effervescent daughter of Sebastian, is continually exploited posthumously by manipulative forces to control her father. However, the intrinsic essence of her character shines through in the film’s denouement when Sebastian undertakes a sacrificial act to safeguard a young woman and a child.


Screen Shot 2023 07 17 at 3.58.41 AM 1 e1689652956660
“Claire (Georgina Campbell),” Bird Box Barcelona, directed by David Pastor and Alex Pastor, 2023, (Netflix)

A strong-willed woman, Claire becomes a maternal figure to Sofia, a young girl she discovers following a catastrophic event. Her suspicion over a group member’s disappearance propels Sebastian to reassess his understanding of the reality he has construed.


Bird Box
“Sofia (Naila Schuberth),” being reunited, Bird Box Barcelona, directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor, 2023, (Netflix)

A beacon of innocence lost and found, Sofia emerges from the ashes of cataclysmic events, embodying hope and resilience. She inadvertently becomes a catalyst for change, her endearing nature prompting introspection and a softening of hardened beliefs. As a pawn in the protagonist’s quest for acceptance, she carries the weight of survival while reminding us of the unassuming strength of childhood.

Father Esteban

Father Esteban, a religious zealot, conveniently transitions his influence from the traditional catholic church to the realm of the seers. However, his opportunistic nature leads to his downfall when Sebastian, realizing Esteban’s role in his daughter’s demise, impales him with a metal pole.

Film Themes

Walking With Faith and Not Sight

The audience is initially oblivious to the fact that the young girl accompanying Sebastian is a psychological manifestation, a traumatic residue from the loss of his daughter, Anna. His journey through the city as a solitary savior, driven by the phantom presence of his daughter, mirrors the desperate quest for salvation during times of despair.

Missionary of The Seraphs

Bird Box BarcelonaHaving dismantled the first group, Sebastian, akin to a parasitic organism, moves on to the next cluster of survivors. He grapples with a dilemma of self-identity – whether he is a malevolent force or the messiah he perceives himself to be. By virtue of his ability to speak German, he uses Sofia, the little girl, to gain acceptance.

This character injects a new dimension into the plot as she introduces a fresh objective for the team: to reach Montjuic. This strategic shift leads to a sequence of action-packed scenes, setting up the stage for treachery and emphasizing the lurking dangers outside their subterranean haven.

After Rafa’s death, the group members begin to fall like dominoes. Throughout these events, Claire and Sofia play a pivotal role in reshaping Sebastian’s mindset, perhaps subverting his earlier sensationalist beliefs about the ethereal yellow beams that shower upon those he ‘saves.’



Just In The Nick Of Time

During their journey to Montjuic, Claire, Sofia, and Sebastian cross paths with the seers, accompanied by Father Esteban, who is determined to remove their blindfolds. However, Sebastian thwarts his attempts by creating a diversion, leading to a massive explosion. His encounter with his daughter, who morphs into Father Esteban, culminates in a chilling climax where Sebastian unearths Esteban’s malevolent intent that led to Anna’s death.

Sebastian may have failed to save his daughter previously, but his act of defiance signifies redemption and a reaffirmation of his self-worth.


Another Pandemic

The film transcends its critique of a blindly led society to address the concepts of immunity and contagion. It is revealed in the narrative’s final phase that a government initiative is underway to develop a vaccine using genes from the ‘seers’ to prolong the lifespan of rats exposed to the entities. The narrative suggests a possible genetic mutation triggered by severe trauma or mental disorders, driving individuals to cling onto false promises of resurrection offered by the entities.

What’s Next?

Considering the rich narrative context provided, the creators have a number of potential directions for expanding this cinematic universe.

The theme of immunity and contagion is a significant thread that could be developed further. The government’s exploration of a potential vaccine utilizing the genes of the ‘seers’ could open up an entirely new narrative arc. This could involve exploring the ethical and moral implications of such a project, the politics involved, and the potential resistance it could face.

Another direction could be a deeper exploration of the ‘seers’ and the entities they interact with. We could learn more about their origin, their motives, and the exact nature of the visions they see. A potential sequel or spin-off could even focus on a new ‘seer,’ perhaps Sofia, as she comes of age and grapples with her own relationship with these enigmatic beings.


Why are some people affected differently?

A genetic mutation due to trauma/environment.

Where were they heading for safety?


What are the creatures likely?

Aliens, Angels, or quantum beings.

Why are some people affected differently?

A genetic mutation due to trauma/environment.

Where were they heading for safety?


What are the creatures likely?

Aliens, Angels, or quantum beings.

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